Episode 022: The 5 Most Common Limiting Beliefs My Students Have and What To Say Instead

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“Years of self-doubt and feeling-stuck-ness are no match for Kathi Reuter’s super uplifting courses!!

I joined the Mindset Accelerator in a time of huge self doubt and struggle, trying to decide my path forward after the pandemic flipped all of our world on its head. I am so glad I did!

I came out feeling stronger and more self-aware than ever, and am in the process of transforming my life’s work around a very special non-profit dedicated to pediatric cardiology.

I am no longer a serial entrepreneur who does it all – instead, I’m an empowered professional on a MISSION. And I love it!

Julie Koster, The Bodhi Project

“Before I started The Mindset Accelerator, I always had a lot of excuses. I feel like I’m somebody who would look at the lens of social media and see other people living their best lives and give an excuse as to why I can’t. 

Now, my husband and I have been building a personal training studio in our basement, so that I can start to see clients one on one in my own home. And I’m really excited and pumped up and ready to share my love of exercise with the world!

If you are stuck in your business, if you are stuck in your life, if you are just living your everyday life, over and over and over again on repeat, join the Mindset Accelerator, you won’t regret it!”

Brianna McAuliff, Personal Trainer & Mom of 2