9 Week Control Freak by Autumn Calabrese is coming this month!

9 Week Control Freak is almost here!

Our launch group will be starting up just in time for 2021 (who else is excited?!) and I am SUPER excited, because I LOVE Autumn Calabrese and her programs. THe original 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme are the programs I used years ago to get into the best shape of my life after having my first two kids (Landon and Kiersten).

Since then, Autumn has launched many other programs, and they have been great, but this is her 10th program 😲 and I KNOW this is going to be a special one! I always look at time commimtments in workouts first, especially since my kids are home-schooling during COVID and I’ve had to be extremely specific with my time, and this program is just 5 days per week for 18 – 30 minutes. So it’s quick AND intense.

I had a team call with Autumn to learn about this new program and she said that there are more reps in the shorter workouts for 9 Week Control Freak than there are in 21 Day Fix (a 30 minute workout!). So don’t let the short times fool you, these workouts will be intense (with a modifier available, if you are a beginner!)

9 Week Control Freak is  NOW AVAILABLE! Click the link below to get it! (Starting Dec 7th for Coaches / Preferred Customers.

Get 9 Week Control Freak!

What Is 9 Week Control Freak all about?

First, here’s a quick video about it!

9 Week Control Freak Program Details

9 Week Control Freak is five days of exercise each week:

  • 3 DCT-T workouts (Density, Complexes, and Tabata Training)
  • 1 day of Total Body Tone
  • 1 day of Tabata Cardio and Core
There are also additional 10-minute bonus workouts to target certain muscle groups!

So, about those 9 Week Control Freak DCT-T Workouts: 

Density training – builds strength and stamina by amplifying training intensity, requiring you to perform 5 exercises for as many rounds as you can fit in before the clock expires. (This reminds of of AMRAP (“As Many Reps As Possible”) training). 
Strength – shift muscle building into overdrive by increasing time under tension. (Don’t be worried ladies – Autumn told me this wouldn’t make you “bulk up”.
By not allowing you to put down your weights or let go of your resistance bands until you’ve completed every rep of every exercise, Autumn’s strength complexes combine a handful of different exercises into one giant set that maximizes muscle endurance, strength gains, and calorie burn.
Tabata-inspired interval training  – helps incinerate calories and increases exercise capacity by challenging your speed, strength, and staying power with short bursts of cardio intensity followed by short breaks.
These three training formats together create a powerful stimulus for results. Add a day of pure strength training and a day of Tabata cardio workouts, and you’re going to understand what it feels like to be in total control!
This is Beachbody’s latest breakthrough to help you become strong, lean, and powerful. (Yes Please!) 

Is there a sample workout video for 9 Week Control Freak?

Glad you asked! YES there is!

Get the 9 Week Control Freak Sample Workout!

Keep in mind – the sample video shows you some of the moves and structure for the workout but because there is no equipment, it won’t replicate the program exactly. But you can get a good feel for what 9 Week Control Freak will be all about!

What Equipment do I Need for 9 Week Control Freak?

There are a few pieces of equipment needed for 9 week Control Freak:
  • Control Track with B-LINES Resistance Band. This adjustable resistance device easily attaches to a qualified door or can be mounted on a wall.
  • Fitness Step (similar to the one used in Transform :20 with the ability to add height)
  • ​Core Ball
  • Dumbbells: light, medium, and heavy

Tell me more about the Control Track with B-Lines?

This thing is so fun! Check it out:

It reminds me of the cable / pulley workout systems you might see in a gym except it attaches to a track with a cam buckle. This lets you raise or lower the band to target what you want to target. You can install it either directly to your wall with just a couple eye screws or to a door.

Who is 9 Week Control Freak Trainer Autumn Calabrese?

If you didn’t know, she is one of the most popular at-home fitness and nutrition experts anywhere. She is the creator of the breakthrough fitness programs 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME, 80 Day Obsession, and others, and the portion-control weight-loss system Ultimate Portion Fix.

She’s also the author of the bestselling “Lose Weight Like Crazy Even If You Have A Crazy Life” and FIXATE I and II cookbooks, which have sold over 500,000 copies, and she’s the co-host of the FIXATE healthy cooking show on Beachbody On Demand with her brother, chef Bobby Calabrese.
Autumn is a certified holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has held certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), as well as the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA).

I’ve been able to meet Autumn a few different times and she is just such a motivating, encouraging, and fun trainer! I absolutely LOVE her programs!

How Long are 9 Week Control Freak workouts?

QUICK but INTENSE – 18 – 30 minutes in length.

How Intense is 9 Week Control Freak?

This is not considered a beginner program, but like almost every Beachbody programs, it has a modifier, so an “eager beginner” can do it also. Don’t let the short time fool you, the workouts are INTENSE!

When does 9 Week Control Freak Launch?

This month! It goes on sale to Coaches on December 7th and customers on December 21st – just in time for those 2021 fitness resolutions!

How do I get 9 Week Control Freak?

9 Week Control Freak is  NOW AVAILABLE! Click the link below to get it! (Starting Dec 7th for Coaches / Preferred Customers.

Get 9 Week Control Freak!

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