Muscle Burns Fat #MBF – Day #5 Review – Full Body Burn

Muscle Burns Fat – Full Body Burn – Details

  • Trainer: Megan Davies
  • Full Body Burn Duration: About 35 minutes
  • Full Body Burn Goals: This workout is all about the entire body! Day #1 was Lower Body Burn, day #3 was Upper Body Burn, and today it’s the whole thing!
  • Full Body Burn Required Equipment: BOD Ropes and light, medium, heavy dumbbells!

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Muscle Burns Fat – Full Body Burn Moves

This workout is structured the same as Lower Body Burn on Day #1,  and Upper Body Burn on day #3, except of course the moves are different!

There are four rounds total –  Rounds 1 and 3 use asymmetric (one side) weights and starts with two different weighted moves, then combine them – that’s 1 set, so you do that all over again a 2nd time.

Round 2 and 4 are two moves for 30 seconds each, repeated 3 times.

After every round is complete, you spike your heart rate with the BOD ropes, then you move into the next round!

Just like all the workouts so far, the rest / breaks in Muscle Burns Fat are VERY short, so you only have a second to catch your breath before moving to the next thing.

Muscle Burns Fat Full Body Burn Round #1

The first asymmetric round starts with asymmetric dumbbell swings, followed by loaded dumbbell squats, and then a combo move. Once one side is finished, we shift the weight to the other side, and then repeat the entire thing.

When that is all done, you do all that again, starting on the first side again! – I had to include two pictures to explain this one correctly.

  • Asymmetric Dumbbell Swing  – You stand up straight with your weight hanging at one side. You swing your weight backwards a bit while you hinge at the hips forward, then use your hips and booty to swing the weight up and rack it at your shoulder. This is NOT a bicep move, the momentum should be coming from your hips and booty!
  • Asymmetric Squat – With the weight still racked on your shoulder, you do this move in a 4 count. It’s a side step, squat, stand up, and step feet back together.

This burned my quads but also my glutes, AND my shoulder was exhausted by the end! I also found this move really worked on my grip strength! It is a LOT of moves!

After the two moves are complete, just like on Day #1 and Day #3, we go into a minute-long jump rope heart rate spike session, 30 seconds regular jumping, then 30 seconds high knees. That’s round 1 down!

Muscle Burns Fat Full Body Burn Round #2

Just like before, the structure for this changes, where it’s two moves, 30 seconds each, repeated three times, in fast succession.

  • Suitcase Squat / Lateral Raise Combo This was a fun move! A suitcase squat is just a squat with both weights on each side of your legs (like you are holding two suitcases) squat down with the chest up! Then, it’s followed by a lateral raise, making sure to not raise the weights above your shoulders. By the way, in the screenshot below, you can see the modifier, who they show during LOTS of moves showing variations for beginners!

  • RDL / Double Bicep Curls – The Russian Dead Lift like we did before, where you keep your knees mostly straight and bring the weights down to your shin and back up again. Followed by two hammer bicep curls ( hammer curls just mean the palms facing each other and the weights are vertical).


After that, we get another minute-long BOD rope jumprope session!

Muscle Burns Fat Full Body Burn Round #3

Round 3 is again structured the same way as the first two moves, and asymmetric again. In this move we have split squats and double row, so working on that quad and the back muscles! Just like before, we do the split squat, then the double row, then the combo move. Switch the weight to the other side, then repeat again!

We finish with the 60 second heart rate spike with the BOD ropes again!

  • Split Squat – For this move, you reverse lunge, and then repeatedly go down in the lunge and up again. No returning to standing in between!


  • Double Row  – This back move is in the lunge position and you pull your elbow up with the weight, focusing on using your back muscles to raise the weight. In between each double row you hinge back up and reset.


Muscle Burns Fat Full Body Burn Round #4

Last round! Just like the 2nd round, this one has two weights you use, for 30 seconds each, three times around.

  • Sumo Squat to Upright Row – this is a compound move, where you do a sumo squat (feet wide with toes pointed outward, chest up and you lower down), and when you stand back up you do a upright row in one smooth move, then slowly lower the weights and reset.


  • Standing Chest Press to Calf Raise – This is another compound move where you hold your weights at your chest and press them out and in (working your shoulders). After you bring them back in, you do a calf raise. (go up on your toes!)


Once those two moves are done three times, it’s a final cardio jumprope session, and then you can check Day #5 of Muscle Burns Fat off your list!

Muscle Burns Fat – Full Body Burn Review & Thoughts: 

I’m usually pretty meh on full body workouts (for non cardio days) because I never really feel like I get a GREAT workout on any part of my body. This workout definitely left me feeling sore! The first move in particular burned my shoulders and my legs at the same time. Also, since my BOD ropes arrived, I’m surprised at how much more challenging the 1 minute jump rope blocks are.

I think the split squat / double row was the hardest today, but mostly because it was hard to stay in that lunge form the entire time!

I’m loving the engagement and feedback in our exclusive launch group! Here are some comments from some of the 130+ people in our group from today!


If you want to follow my journey through Muscle Burns Fat, I’ve made a featured story in Instagram so you can check out the moves, my thoughts, etc. I’ll keep updating it as I go through Muscle Burns Fat, and of course send me a message if you are ready to this with me!

Muscle Burns Fat is right now in a Coach exclusive window, so you’d need to reach out to me to get setup with it, but after July 27th, when it goes to customer launch, you can get access to stream it here. Make sure you message me on Instagram or Facebook to get added to our support group, or just fill out the form below!

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