Muscle Burns Fat #MBF – Day #4 Review – Core Circuit

Muscle Burns Fat – Day #4 – Core Circuit – Details

  • Trainer: Megan Davies
  • Core Circuit Duration: About 33 minutes
  • Core Circuit Goals: Core Circuit is a workout that has very fast-paced rounds that alternate between cardio moves, then a core set.
  • Core Circuit Required Equipment: BOD Ropes and a notepad / pencil / paper so you can track the AMRAP (“As Many Rounds As Possible”) moves at the end.

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Muscle Burns Fat – Core Circuit Moves

This workout is basically identical to Core Circuit (Day #2) workout in structure, however the moves themselves are slightly different. There are six rounds alternating between three Cardio rounds which are a BOD rope move (jumprope) and another move,  and three Core rounds, which are four moves repeated twice (30 seconds each). The workout finishes with the AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) which is cycling through the special moves from the Cardio rounds.

Muscle Burns Fat Core Circuit – Cardio Round #1

The first round starts with simple high-knee jumpropes. My bod ropes finally arrived so I was able to use them, and I will tell you I need some coordination practice! Especially on my left side! I kept losing the rotation of them, but based on what I’m hearing in my online accountability group it took most of them a day or two to work it out!

This is followed by alternating jump lunges jumps for 30 seconds!

These moves are done 3 times, without rest, back to back, for a total round length of around 3 minutes of constant movement! 🔥

  • Alternating Partial Lunge Jumps – these are  little tricky to explain but I will do my best. You jump into a lunge position like the picture below shows. After that you jump back up with both feet together and hop twice while standing up, then you jump into the lunge on the opposite side. When you are working out to the beat of the music, it makes a lot of sense.

Muscle Burns Fat Core Circuit – Core Round #2

Yep, with just a split second’s rest to grab water, it’s on to the core round – just like before, 4 back to back core moves, repeated twice. Each move is 30 seconds!

First up is a variation on the regular crunch, a “thigh slide” crunch. You keep your knees on your legs and slide them up to your knees in a crunch type of move.

After the thigh slide, it’s everyone’s favorite again (haha), mountain climbers.

The third move you drop to your stomach and do Supermans. This is a back and posterior chain move. It’s really hard if you try to get your thighs & shoulders off the ground.

The last move is mountain climbers, AGAIN. Yup, 2 sets of mountain climbers in each round. My shoulders were burning!

As soon as you are done with those four moves, you go right back to the top and start with the thigh slides again. 3 rounds total, and it’s on to the next round!

Muscle Burns Fat Core Circuit – Cardio Round #3

Just like Round 1, this is two moves, repeated three times.

Again, you only have a second to drink a sip of water, because we move RIGHT back into a jump rope move for 30 seconds. This one a slight tweak from Round #1 because you jump forward and back instead of just hopping in place.

The second move is a Low Rotational Chop. In this move, you are in a wide squat for the entire 30 seconds, and you rotate from left to right holding the BOD ropes out in front of you. Just holding the light BOD ropes in front of you is tiring on your shoulders at this point!

Three times around, and we move on to core, again!

Muscle Burns Fat Core Circuit – Core Round #4

Again, quick sip of water, and into the next core round.

The moves are identical to the first core round, except the thigh slide is gone and replaced with a single leg reach, in this move you just lift one leg and raise up to it at the same time. Alternate each leg. The rest of the round is identical to the 2nd round (mountain climbers, superman, and mountain climbers again).

Muscle Burns Fat Core Circuit – Rounds #5 and #6

Again, I’m not going to explain these all as it’s the same as the earlier rounds with just a few moves changed up.

For the Round #5 (cardio) moves, the jump rope move changes to side to side hops, and for the cardio move after is called Sledgehammers.

For the Sledgehammer, you squat and swing the BOD ropes on the outside of your leg, swing it up overhead, and hammer it down the center, then stand up and rest. basically like, well, swinging a huge sledgehammer.


And for the final Core (round #6), it’s the same moves, except we swap the Superman move for Swimmers, where you basically swim on your belly the entire time. I actualy think these are harder than the Supermans because you are under tension the entire time.


Final Muscle Burns Fat Core Circuit Round – AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)

OK, here we are at the LAST MOVE of the workout. This is a 4 MINUTE block of work where you do 4 moves, back to back, completing as many rounds as possible (AMRAP).

The moves are:

  • Partial Lunge Alternating (4)
  • Low Rotational Chops Alternating (4)
  • Sledgehammer (4)
  • Jump Rope (20)

You can take a break in between each round, if you need one. But the goal is to do as many as possible in the 4 minute time!

I ended up completing 6 rounds, which was more than day #2 for me! So winning!

Muscle Burns Fat Day 4 – Core Circuit Review & Thoughts: 

4 days into this program and the theme I’m noticing is that the pacing is so fast that you keep your heart rate up the entire workout.  Just like every other day, Megan keeps the upbeat music going and you pretty much do all the moves to the beat of the music, except for the AMRAP round, where you are trying to do as many as possible.

The AMRAP was really fun and challenging, I progressed a bit in this workout compared to the 1st one. I take just a quick breather in between. I probably could have done a few more reps, but as Megan says “No garbage reps!” and my form was starting to get sloppy as my legs got tired, especially on the time under tension moves for your legs, like the rotational chops and sledgehammer moves.

So far so good! And the feedback in my exclusive launch group is going AMAZING, just check this out! We have dozens of comments like this every single day!



If you want to follow my journey through this program, I’ve made a featured story in Instagram so you can check out the moves, my thoughts, etc. I’ll keep updating it as I go through Muscle Burns Fat, and of course send me a message if you are ready to this with me!

Muscle Burns Fat is right now in a Coach exclusive window, so you’d need to reach out to me to get setup with it, but after July 27th, when it goes to customer launch, you can get access to stream it here. Make sure you message me on Instagram or Facebook to get added to our support group, or just fill out the form below!

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