Episode 022: The 5 Most Common Limiting Beliefs My Students Have and What To Say Instead


Hi, I’m Kathi Reuter! 

I’m SO EXCITED you are here! After over 8 years of running my own 6-figure producing online health and fitness business and helping thousands of people reach their health, fitness, and financial goals, I’m finally stepping out to share everything I’ve learned to help bust through that wall and take your business to the 6 or 7 figure level!

Have you ever found yourself in any of the below circumstances? 

  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Procrastinating on what you know you need to do
  • Being inconsistent in your biz
  • Afraid to talk about price or raise your prices
  • Saying you don’t have enough time
  • Flatlining your income growth (or even going backwards!)
  • Feeling bored – “hamster on a wheel”
  • Lacking fun & joy in your business
  • Thinking “is this ever going to work for me?

If any of these ring a bell – you are not alone! These are all symptoms of self doubt, negative thoughts or limiting beliefs creeping in & running the show!

We are going to fix that S&*T!