Episode 022: The 5 Most Common Limiting Beliefs My Students Have and What To Say Instead


It’s time to TAKE YOUR BUSINESS to the NEXT LEVEL and end 2018 STRONG so you can be setup for an amazing 2019! We are laying the groundwork NOW!

The Diamond Push is an 4 Week PUSH group designed to take your business to the next level! It will begin on Monday, October 29th and will end on Wednesday, November 21st.  The goal is to wake up as a paid Diamond coach on Thursday, November 22nd. 

This group will consist of daily videos and tips by myself and other leaders in the network!

The cost to enter is $20.00 via Paypal. 100% of the collected money will go into a POT which will then be distributed evenly among those who qualify at the end of the pot!

You can earn a portion of the pot by advancing to DIAMOND rank for the first time.

For Diamonds who are looking to regain rank, you can earn a piece of the pot by regaining Diamond and advancing a PS coach or a spouse account to Diamond.

  • Must be a PAID DIAMOND on Thursday, 11/22/2018

PLEASE NOTE: After submitting the form, let the page load as it redirects you to Paypal!

After submitting this form, you will be automatically redirected to Paypal to complete payment.

100% of the money going into the Pot will be distributed among the entrants who meet the requirements at the end of the Push.

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