play it safe or take a chance

Are You A Play It Safe Or Take A Chance Kind Of Person?

Are you a play it safe or take a chance kind of person!

I was ALWAYS the play it safe kind of gal for as long as I can remember. I wanted to be liked by everyone. I never wanted people to be upset with me. I was always worried about what others thought. I was just always too nervous to break away and do something DIFFERENT. I was the most predictable person you could think of! HAHA

It’s not surprising when I chat with people every day and one of the first things they say about WHY they couldn’t become a coach is that they are too NERVOUS to try it! Trust me….I get it!

Taking chances and doing different things scared me too! It gave me stress and anxiety! But how is that any way to live?!! I was never challenging myself to be better and quite honestly I was just settling……. playing things SAFE ALL the time meant I was settling! It was as if I was telling myself that I wasn’t capable of BETTER! Because we all know, even when things are good, there is ALWAYS room to make things BETTER!

I was worried I’d be in this ALONE…and I wasn’t a very independent person AT ALL 19 months ago when I started coaching. So that FEAR of not having any help or not knowing where to even start clouded my mind!! But what I didn’t REALIZE is that I was not alone and that I would have the ENTIRE SUPPORT from the team to help me. I would have a mentor showing me the way! I had leaders above me paving the path for success and all I had to do was show up and do the work! It really couldn’t have been made ANY easier for me! The POWER was all within ME!!

I took a chance 19 months ago!! A BIG chance! An opportunity knocked on my door and as NERVOUS and HESITANT as I was, I took the leap!! And because of that ONE chance….this ONE opportunity has COMPLETELY changed things for my family. My motto this year is this…….If it scares the crap out of you….if it makes you want to throw up thinking about it….then that’s a good sign YOU should just DO IT! LOL.

To be able to HELP others every day right here from my house and STILL continue to be a stay at home mommy……NOTHING can beat that!! It’s ALWAYS been my dream to be with them. We’ve cleared ourselves of ALL of our credit card debt, have a solid savings and now I am out earning my husbands job. I would have NEVER in a million years thought that little ole Kathi, would be an entrepreneur! And I’m SO much more INDEPENDENT now then I ever was for taking that chance.

So I CHALLENGE you ALL…no matter what it is in your life… take that chance when an opportunity knocks……to stop playing things safe……. because if you do, it JUST might be the thing that COMPLETELY changes your life and makes you feel FULLY ALIVE!

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