Muscle Burns Fat #MBF – Day #2 Review – Core Circuit

Muscle Burns Fat – Core Circuit – Details

  • Trainer: Megan Davies
  • Core Circuit Duration: About 33 minutes
  • Core Circuit Goals: Core Circuit is a workout that has very fast-paced rounds that alternate between cardio moves, then a core set.
  • Core Circuit Required Equipment: BOD Ropes, and that’s it! No weights today! A notepad / pencil / paper are really good also so you can track your moves, especially the AMRAP (“As Many Rounds As Possible”) move at the end.

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Muscle Burns Fat – Core Circuit Moves

This workout is comprised of six rounds alternating between three Cardio rounds which are a BOD rope move (jumprope) and another move,  and three Core rounds, which are four moves repeated twice (30 seconds each). The workout finishes with the AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) which is cycling through the special moves from the Cardio rounds.

MBF Core Circuit – Cardio Round #1

The first round starts with simple high-knee jumpropes (again, my BOD ropes weren’t in yet, so I just did a high knee run and “mimicked” the move). I didn’t time it, but I believe it was 30 seconds.

This is followed by skier jumps for 30 seconds, which are basically squat jumps with a 90 degree turn in them (like, you know, a skier 😉).

These moves are done 3 times, without rest, back to back. If you’ve done the math like me, that’s 3 straight minutes of cardio. My legs were already still sore from the Day #1 Lower Body Burn workout so, yeah 🐐.

  • Skier Jumps

MBF Core Circuit – Core Round #2

Before you even get a chance to breath, you are on to 4 back to back core moves, repeated twice. Each move is 30 seconds!

First up is just regular ol’ cruches, you know ’em, you love ’em! 

After the crunches, you roll to your side and with one knee on the ground bent, you do hip raise, working the oblique muscles.

Then, you roll over onto your front and do mountain climbers. This is just a plank position where you alternate your knees in. Sounds easy, but it’s a core, and SHOULDER, burner!  It’s not that easy to keep that back flat during this move.

After the mountain climbers, you repeat the hip raises, but facing the other direction (so you work the other side! don’t want to build just 1/2 of your obliques!)

As soon as you are done with those four moves, you go right back to the top and start with the crunches again. The only difference in the 2nd set of these moves, is that for the hip raises, you plant both feet on the ground instead of having your knee there supporting you (if you can, you can always modify it if you need to).

MBF Core Circuit – Cardio Round #3

Just like Round 1, this is two moves, repeated three times.

Literally with just a few seconds breather after the last move, we move right back into a jump rope move for 30 seconds. This one is slight different from Round #1 because you jump forward and back.

The second move is a Wide Out Punch, which is basically where you hop and move your legs out and back in, alternating punches each time.

Three times around, and we move on to core, again!

MBF Core Circuit – Core Round #4

I think we are getting about halfway through  the workout! Like the day #1 workout, the pacing is FAST, so you don’t have much time to breath. The setup of this core round is just like Round #2, four moves, repeated twice.

The moves are identical to the first core round, except the crunches are now side crunches, so you move your elbow to the opposite knee, again doubling down on those obliques.

MBF Core Circuit – Rounds #5 and #6

I’m not going to explain these all as it’s the same as the earlier rounds, but basically we just swap a few moves!

For the Round #5 (cardio) moves, the jump rope move changes to side to side hops, and for the cardio move after, we add in a double cross jump. For this move, you raise your knee and twist so your elbow connects with the opposite leg. You do that on each side, then squat & JUMP up!


And for the final Core (round #6), it’s the same  – crunches, followed by a new side crunch move, followed by the mountain climbers, repeat!


Final MBF Core Circuit Round – AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)

OK, here we are at the LAST MOVE of the workout. This is a 4 MINUTE block of work where you do 4 moves, back to back, completing as many rounds as possible (AMRAP).

The moves are:

  • Skier Jumps (4)
  • Wide Out Punch (4)
  • Double Cross Jump (4)
  • Jump Rope (20)

You can take a break in between each round, if you need one. But the goal is to do as many as possible in the 4 minute time!

I ended up completing 5 rounds, but just barely!

Muscle Burns Fat – Core Circuit Review & Thoughts: 

I had sort of assumed that the cardio moves would make me sweat the most, but interestingly the core moves were almost just as intense cardiovascularly! The pacing is so fast that there are sometimes only a few seconds between each round. Just like day #1, Megan keeps the upbeat music going and you pretty much do all the moves to the beat of the music, except for the AMRAP round, where you are trying to do as many as possible.

The AMRAP was really fun and challenging, I’m excited to see how I progress with this over time.

My legs are definitely toast, they were already sore from yesterday, so some of the moves (anything in a squat position really) were burning! That’s progress, right??!!

If you want to follow my journey through this program, I’ve made a featured story in Instagram so you can check out the moves, my thoughts, etc. I’ll keep updating it as I go through Muscle Burns Fat, and of course send me a message if you are ready to this with me!

Muscle Burns Fat is right now in a Coach exclusive window, so you’d need to reach out to me to get setup with it, but after July 27th, when it goes to customer launch, you can get access to stream it here. Make sure you message me on Instagram or Facebook to get added to our support group, or just fill out the form below!

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