Muscle Burns Fat #MBF – Day #3 Review – Upper Body Burn

Muscle Burns Fat – Upper Body Burn – Details

  • Trainer: Megan Davies
  • Upper Body Burn Duration: About 35 minutes
  • Upper Body Burn Goals: This workout is all about the upper body, including chest, biceps, back, and shoulders!
  • Upper Body Burn Required Equipment: BOD Ropes and light, medium, heavy dumbbells. I stuck mostly with lower weights this time around. 10 – 15 pounds!

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Muscle Burns Fat – Upper Body Burn Moves

This workout is comprised is basically the same as Lower Body Burn on Day #1, except the moves are focused on (yep, you guessed it!) the upper body.

Four rounds total. Rounds 1 and 3 use asymmetric (one side) weights and starts with two different weighted moves, then combine them – that’s 1 set, so you do that all over again a 2nd time.

Round 2 and 4 are two moves for 30 seconds each, repeated 3 times.

After every round is complete, you spike your heart rate with the BOD ropes, then you move into the next round!

Just like all the workouts so far, the rest / breaks in Muscle Burns Fat are VERY short, so you only have a second to catch your breath before moving to the next thing.

MBF Upper Body Burn Round #1

You know how your quads burned after the first round of day #1? Same thing here, except for your chest!

There are three moves in each set – asymmetric chest press, asymmetric chest fly, and then a combo between the two. Just like before, asymmetric just means we are using  a single dumbbell, and just targeting one side at a time.

After you finish the first set, you switch the weight to other side, and repeat the set on the other side.

When that is all done, you repeat it all from the top, for a total of FOUR sets of three moves, two on each side.

  • Asymmetric Chest Press
  • Asymmetric Chest Fly

This was honestly a real burner, I went into it with 15 pound weights, but had to drop to 12.5 because my chest was BURNING!

After the two moves are complete, just like on Day #1, we go into a minute-long jump rope heart rate spike session, 30 seconds regular jumping, then 30 seconds high knees. Already sweating! 💦

MBF Upper Body Burn Round #2

With my chest already torched, this round moves on to well, more chest and also biceps! The structure changes here, there are two moves, and we do them for 30 seconds each, and repeat three times.

  • Pushup – this is a pretty standard move, but it’s tweaked here! You go all the way down the floor, lift up your palms for a second, then push up quickly. Focus on keeping the plank position all the way to the floor.

  • Bicep Curls – These are done kneeling right after the pushups, and you alternate between a regular bicep curl and a “W” curl, where you bicep curl facing outward, like the picture. 


After that, we get another minute-long BOD rope jumprope session!

MBF Upper Body Burn Round #3

Round 3 is again structured the same way as the first two moves, and asymmetric again. But this time, we burn out the back muscles. Seriously, the shrugs are a move I have never done and my back was so sore! (in a good way!)

In this round, you stand in a staggered supported lunge position, and start with rows, then shrugs, then the combo move, Then switch to the other side, and all of that is Set #1. Repeat for a 2nd set, then the 60 second heart rate spike with the BOD ropes again!

  • Asymmetric Row – For this move,  you hang the weight and then pull up with your elbow, focusing on using your back muscles to pull up the weight.

  • Asymmetric Shrug  – This one doubles down on the soreness from the first move right out of the gate. You essentially keep your arm straight and just “shrug” up the weights, by really lifting your entire arm with just some tiny muscle in your back. I REALLY felt this one!

One issue I had with this entire round was I really struggled to stay in the lunge! I wasn’t thinking about it but my legs were so sore! I ended up having to kneel with my back knee and keep leaning forward.

MBF Upper Body Burn Round #4

Last round! Just like the 2nd round, this one has two weights you use, for 30 seconds each, three times around.

  • Reverse Fly – You hinge at the waist and then reverse fly the weights, focusing on your back muscles. IN between each fly, you stand up and “rest” your posture, before you hinge again. This gives you a little bit of a break between each move, so you can probably up the weights just a bit here!

  • Should Press – Simple and effective! Weights go up to the shoulders, and away we press for 30 seconds!

Once those two moves are done three times, it’s a final cardio jumprope session, and then the workout is DONE!

Muscle Burns Fat – Upper Body Burn Review & Thoughts: 

I feel like I’m getting kind of repetitive here with my comments on these workouts but I really enjoyed this one also! I usually prefer working upper body compared to legs (oh , my legs are STILL sore from the first two days!) and this one was fun. Just like the other workout, it was crazy fast paced. Usually you get some kind of break in between rounds on most workout programs, but here there is JUST enough time to get a sip of water, get the right weights ready, and off you go again! I enjoy that though because it makes the workout FLY by.

For me, the hardest move of the day was the shrugs. I don’t think I’ve ever done those moves before, and my shoulders and back are feeling it!

If you want to follow my journey through this program, I’ve made a featured story in Instagram so you can check out the moves, my thoughts, etc. I’ll keep updating it as I go through Muscle Burns Fat, and of course send me a message if you are ready to this with me!

Muscle Burns Fat is right now in a Coach exclusive window, so you’d need to reach out to me to get setup with it, but after July 27th, when it goes to customer launch, you can get access to stream it here. Make sure you message me on Instagram or Facebook to get added to our support group, or just fill out the form below!

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