barre blend coming soon!

At Home Barre Workout Program is coming soon!

If there is ONE kind of program that people have been asking me for over, and over, and OVER again, it’s a Barre program! 

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Well I’m super excited because at the end of this year, Barre Blend is launching!

What Is Barre Blend?

Barre Blend is a Barre / Dance inspired workout routine that is fun, challenging, and low impact. And the cool thing is, these workouts are done at home, in 30 – 40 minutes.

Barre Blend Details

Barre Blend is designed to help you sculpt and tone, while also improving your flexibility and posture.

It’s awesome because it’s LOW IMPACT, so great for those knees and joints! I’ve had knee issues recently, so I’m super excited to try this program!

Who is the Barre Blend Trainer?

Elise Joan is the newest trainer for Barre Blend! I got to do a sneak peek of this workout when I was in Las Vegas for an annual leadership training event and I was blown away with how fun AND how intense it was! A part of me thought, OK a Barre program is going to be kinda easy and goofy, but it was hard! My quads and glutes were BURNING and I was walking like a duck the day after this workout still! 😂

How Long is Barre Blend

Barre Blend is 30 – 40 minutes per day, 5 days per week, for 60 days. The workouts are done in real time also, so every day is a new experience!

What Kind of Workouts are in Barre Blend?

Barre Blend is a full-body workout, which includes high rep small range motions, isometric holds, and targeted core work and dynamic stretching. There is also cardio interval workouts to keep your heart rate up!

Can I do Barre Blend without dance experience?

Yes! And you don’t need a bar either! You can use a chair, a counter, or anything else around that height.

What equipment do I need for Barre Blend

Again, a chair or something to hold on to. Some light weights ( 5- 10 lb) and resistance loops.

How Intense is Barre Blend?

It’s designed for everyone! There is a modifier who demonstrates easier versions of each move if required. If you are already a barre pro or coming in with a strong level of fitness, there is an intensifer you can follow who does the moves at a more intense level!

You don’t have to be flexible either. Barre Blend will work with you, where you are at!

When does Barre Blend Launch?

Barre Blend offers start on December 16th, with VIP early access starting January 13th! A great way to start your 2020!

It officially launches to general release on On Demand Streaming on June 1st, 2020.

How do I get Barre Blend?

Easy! Just fill out the form below and I’ll let you know when it launches, answer any questions you have, and get you setup in my exclusive online fit club!

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