Bevvy is here! A brand new Tea supplement to help STOP those cravings!

I think, for me, one of the biggest diet and nutrition hangups I have is my tendency to want to SNACK!

Especially as a busy mom of 3, it can be grabbing some crackers here, picking off the kids plates there. Those extra calories here and there, throughout basically the ENTIRE day, might add up to a whole extra meal! 😂

So when Beachbody announced they were releasing a new tea-based appetite suppressant, I was pumped! Check out the little teaser video below!

Get your Bevvy!

What ingredients are in Bevvy?

Honestly, I’m going to pull this one mostly from the Beachbody blog since they explain it best – Beachbody Bevvy has green tea phytosomes, brewer’s yeast peptides, and fiber.

Brewer’s Yeast Peptides

Made from brewer’s yeast, these clinically studied peptides have been shown to help curb cravings and reduce food intake. They are short strings of amino acids that are the building blocks of protein and are thought to suppress ghrelin, which is known as the “hunger hormone”.

At the same time, the peptides may also help impact other appetite signals, further helping take your mind off those cravings.

Green Tea Phytosomes

Bevvy also has powerful green tea phytosomes that have been clinically shown to help support healthy weight loss.

Phytosomes are a complex of green tea extract and sunflower lecithin (phospholipids) that are more easily absorbed by your body. Green tea extract is thought to work by helping the body burn more fat as fuel.

This green tea extract is also decaffeinated (less than 8 milligrams per serving) so you can even drink it in the evening without messing up your sleep!


Bevvy contains 3 grams of non-GMO soluble corn fiber, which makes each serving a good source of dietary fiber.

The fiber in Bevvy is soluble and is less likely to cause bloating and tummy “issues” some people may experience when adding other types of fiber to their diet. Win!

Also, Bevvy is: 

  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Soy-free
  • Contain no artificial flavors or preservatives

When do I drink Bevvy?

Bevvy can be had once – twice a day. It comes in an easy to use stick pack that you just mix in with water! Easy peasy!

What Bevvy Flavors are there?

Bevvy comes in two flavors – Lemon and Pomegranate Berry!

So is Bevvy just a magical weight loss powder?

🤦‍♀️ Hate to burst your bubble – BUT – Bevvy will not just make you lose weight. I think of it as a TOOL! Kind of like when you are doing pullups and you get a pullup assist bar. Bevvy can be use to help combat your cravings, but you ultimately have to make a choice to work towards your health and fitness goals the right way- by working out, eating right, and giving yourself a goal!

For me, I’m excited to grab a Bevvy at night, when I normally wander into the pantry, and have a 15 calorie suppressant to just take the edge of so I don’t chow down on leftover kid’s crackers!

How do I get Bevvy?

Easy! Click the link below or shoot me a message!

Get your Bevvy!

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