Coach Summit 2015 – EveryONE Matters!

So I just got back from the Beachbody Coach Summit in Nashville and am now just enjoying the last little bit of my vacation in SC with my family, but I’ve been doing some reflecting about everything I heard and learned about over those few days away at the Summit.

The MAIN thing that stood out to me is that “EveryONE Matters.” And I thought this couldn’t be more true because THIS is exactly what this company represents and stands for. I heard speeches of people who came from NOTHING and are now able to provide their families with things they never imagined, heard success stories of people who’s lives were in danger because they were living so unhealthy for so long but were able to finally get themselves to the most healthiest they have ever been so that they can be there for their families, and heard so many people talk about how if it weren’t for their coach reaching out to them that they don’t know where they would be today. I even saw people get to shred their mortgages!

That’s what I LOVE about being a coach though. I HELP people! I HELP people get healthier, I HELP people build 6 figure businesses so they can stay at home with their children and watch them grow or bring home their spouse, I HELP people get more confident….some people are just looking for the support from a team to guide them and help get them to a place they can’t get to on their own. Whatever your goals are, my job as a coach is to HELP YOU! Because you see…..EVERY ONE DOES Matter. That’s the bottom line.

jumping teammate!
The Team is the Best Part!

I’ll say it again and I know I sound like a broken record but my FAVORITE part of this all is my TEAM. The close friendships I have formed along the way. The things we have celebrated together and will continue to celebrate together. My team is what makes this……. because I love them all and I love the person I am becoming along this journey.

I want you ALL to go out and give a compliment to 5 people today! Tell them they are awesome, say something nice about what they are wearing. Make them feel special because “EveryONE Matters” and YOU matter to me too.

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