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Core De Force Meal Planning | My Week #1 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Plan “A”)

Download Core De Force Week #1 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Excel)

It is no secret that Meal Planning is a KEY to SUCCESS when going after your fitness goals! Abs (and weight loss!) all happen in the Kitchen, and a solid meal prep will make following a plan for the week a total breeze!

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s easy! It takes time to build a meal plan, and more time to prepare it. The weeks I skip that process are the weeks I struggle and grab snacks that don’t line up with my goals, or end up eating eggs for lunch every single day LOL.Core De Force Eating Plan

I was able to pick up the Core De Force at the 2016 Leadership Retreat in San Diego last week and my team is starting up our test group on the 14th. (Want to join us? Fill out the challenge group app below!)

So, here is the DEAL! I want to succeed at this program, so I know I need to get my diet in control!

Meal Prepping for Week #1 of Core De Force

So, I broke out my Core De Force base kit and whipped open the Eating Plan. Joel is all in my face like, “Eat the right foods Kathi”. OK Joel.

Anyway, they have some AWESOME recipes in this book. I’m especially excited about the bbq chicken pizza because if you know me at all I basically could (and have) live off of pizza. HAHA.

The first page of the Eating Plan has you calculate which PLAN you should be on. There are four plans (Plan A through Plan D) based on your goals and current weight.

To calculate your Core De Force meal plan, you do the following: Core De Force Meal Plan Calculation

  1.  Your current weight  x 11
  2. PLUS 400 Calories (for the calories burned during the workout)
  3. MINUS 750 Calories (the deficit to lose about ~3 lb per week)*

*IF your goal with this program is NOT to lose weight, you don’t add up Step #3.

Anyway, after going through this exercise, I found out I was in Plan A, which is the 1200 – 1499 calorie bracket. Core De Force uses the Fix Portion Control system, so because I am in Plan “A” it tells me how many of each container type I can have.

Awesome! Now I am ready to come up with my meal plans for the week. Luckily, the Core De Force Eating Plan includes some sample menus which I used! I also added in some of the recipes (like my Turkey Chili) from my crockpot groups.

So, after some tweaking, I came up with the following Core De Force Plan “A” Week #1 Meal Planner!

Core De Force Sample Meal Plan for 1 Week

Yum! It’s plenty of food to keep me on point and ready to rock during the program.

Core De Force Week #1 Grocery List

Here is the grocery list (sorted by department) that goes along with the above meal plan. This is enough to feed me, my husband (who is on Plan B!), and our two kids (4 and 2 years old). I think there may even end up being some extra!

How much



4 6″ Whole Wheat Pita Bread
1 loaf Whole Grain / Sprouted Toast Bread
1 package Whole Grain English Muffin Bread
8 oz No Sugar Added Tomato Paste Canned
12 oz Tomato Sauce, no sugar added, low sodium Canned
16 oz Corn, no sodium added Canned
16 oz Black Beans, no sodium added Canned
1/2 gallon Unsweetened Almond Milk Dairy
1 container 2% Plain Yogurt Dairy
1 container 1% Greek Yogurt, Plain Dairy
1 dozen Eggs Dairy
Small Fresh Grated Parmesan Dairy
1 Cup Shredded Mozzarella Dairy
6 Apples Fruits & Veggies
1 package Alfalfa Sprouts Fruits & Veggies
2 Red Bell Pepper Fruits & Veggies
1 package Raddichio (or Romain Leaves) Fruits & Veggies
6 Bananas Fruits & Veggies
4 cups Mixed Berries (blackberry, blueberry, raspberry) Fruits & Veggies
2 Tomato Fruits & Veggies
1 bunch Basil Leaves Fruits & Veggies
1 Red Onion Fruits & Veggies
1 bunch Cilantro Fruits & Veggies
1 Bunch Kale Fruits & Veggies
3 Avocado Fruits & Veggies
2 Mango Fruits & Veggies
1 Orange Fruits & Veggies
3 Limes Fruits & Veggies
1 Spaghetti squash Fruits & Veggies
1 Yellow Onion Fruits & Veggies
1 Green Bell Pepper Fruits & Veggies
Small Package White Mushrooms Fruits & Veggies
1 head Garlic Fruits & Veggies
2 Jalapenos Fruits & Veggies
1 container Hummus Fruits & Veggies
5 Cups Assorted Veggies (carrot, cherry tomatos, celery, bell pepper) Fruits & Veggies
1 bunch Asparagus Fruits & Veggies
6 Sweet Potatoes Fruits & Veggies
1 Cucumber Fruits & Veggies
2 lb Chicken Breast Meats
1 lb. Tilapia Meats
1 lb. Flank Steak Meats
2 lb. 93% Lean Ground Turkey Meats
1 lb. 95% lean ground sirloin Meats
1 lb. Salmon Meats
1 lb. Turkey Breast Meats
1 jar Peanut Butter Other
1 container Balsamic Vinagrette Other
1 container Raw Almonds Other
n/a Olive Oil Other
1 container Raw Pecans Other
Small Honey Other
Small Worcestershire Sauce Other
Small Maple Syrup Other
Small Apple Cider Vinegar Other
1 jar Almond Butter Other
1 container Quinoa Other
Small Sesame Seeds Other
n/a Sea Salt Seasoning
n/a Pepper Seasoning
n/a Cinnamon Seasoning
n/a Paprika Seasoning
n/a Cumin Seasoning
n/a Garlic Powder Seasoning
n/a Onion Powder Seasoning
n/a Chili Powder Seasoning

I hope this helps! I’ll be sharing my progress through Core De Force over the next month!

Here is the meal plan and grocery list in Excel, if you like that more 🙂

Download Core De Force Week #1 Meal Plan and Grocery List (Excel)

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