do not underestimate the power of today

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Today! It’s The Only Today You Will Have!

If the election has you either happy or bummed out, it really doesn’t matter – what’s done is done!

There is a lot of stress, negativity, anger and anxiety flying around social media today…. and it’s OK to be disappointed! ……… but what I know is this……….we can ONLY control ONE thing!!!!! And that ONE thing is the way we CHOOSE to react!

We only have this one life to live guys…..  – if we spend it holding on to ALL this anger and negativity about something out of our control, it’s going to eat us up inside and make us feel horrible. Instead I am choosing to do positive things TODAY that I can control! I’ve spent many of times getting all wound up before over things I have no control over and the only thing it does is make me feel even more anger, stress and bitter.

YOU and ONLY YOU have the POWER to make today AMAZING!!

Go out there today and be the best parent you can be, do a nice gesture for someone, give someone a nice compliment, SMILE and look people in the eyes today! WE………not events, have the power to make US HAPPY or unhappy today. WE can CHOOSE!

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet and we have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it!! 

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