focus on possibilities not problems

Do you choose to focus on the PROBLEMS or the POSSIBILITIES?


I was struggling for a while in MANY areas… until just recently I flipped the switch in my mind to remember to stay FOCUSED on the things that are GOOD.

Things can’t ALWAYS be happy and wonderful and sunshine and rainbows… this is LIFE and sometimes life happens! But it’s how you DEAL with it that matter and it ALL boils down to ONE thing…. YOUR MINDSET.

Get a load of this!

✓ I’ve gained 10 pounds and I’m really struggling to get it off
✓ I’m not reaching goals I had set in my business in the time I had hoped to
✓ I have some family members I am concerned about with their health
✓ The kids have been off the deep end and start the first 30 minutes of every day crying
✓ I can’t get Landon to poop in the potty and he’s going to be 4 next month
✓ I pulled a tendon in my foot and can’t work out on it for a month

Even as I was writing this, I was thinking of more things I could add! HAHA See how it can compound?

BUT – with everything that happens……. it’s important to always remember YOU have a CHOICE to either focus on the negative or the positive.

If you focus on the things going wrong, be prepared for it to take you down a downward spiral.

Choose to focus on the things going GOOD, and things in your life will continue to get BETTER.

It is OK to get upset and discouraged, but don’t let it cripple you.

Control what YOU can control. I surround myself with positive people and stay away from gossip and negative nellys. I focus on our beautiful happy and healthy children. I focus on the marriage we have and remember how blessed I am to be in a loving one filled with so much respect and kindness. I focus on how I get to be home with my kids every day, which has always been my dream! I focus on the cute little things that happen with the kids every day. I focus on my team and the friendships I’ve formed with them. I focus on TODAY, and that I woke up and was able to LIVE it!

What are YOU choosing to FOCUS on? Is it bringing you down or propelling you forward? Choose wisely with the thoughts you let cloud your mind and remember any FEAR you have, is just something you created. If you created it, you can get rid of it.

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