Facing The Future With Anticipation, Not Apprehension!

I have this cute little cube of quotes I grabbed from Target a few months ago! I LOVE it and switch out the quote every day.

I LOVE this one today by Jim Rohn! I read it first thing this morning as I was pouring my cup of hot coffee and started talking to Nick about it and how much we have changed together as a couple over the past 20 months. We were living every day facing the future with apprehension. We didn’t really know where our careers or life were going to take us. We had all these dreams about what we HOPED our life was going to look like, but never had any SPECIFIC plan in place on how to make it happen! We were going down the wrong roads at times and felt trapped.

The past 20 months has REALLY opened up my eyes!! It’s made me realize that we get to CHOOSE the design of our life, no one else does! Our eyes and future for our family are BRIGHTER and more EXCITING then ever before! It’s been such a switch in MINDSET to go from realizing that we don’t have to be a victim to all the debt we were in and that WE could change that if we CHOSE to.

A combination of finding something we LOVE to do and are PASSIONATE about + putting in the HARD WORK has changed all that for our family in such a short amount of time! Facing the future with ANTICIPATION has been one of the most EXCITING things about our journey together as a family!

Our conversations are filled with so much excitement! Talk about the kids, how they are growing, how blessed we are to be home with them every day, and discussions about plans for the future and living a life by design are what fuel my fire every day. 

Make sure in YOUR life you are CHOOSING your future and not just let it happen! When you CHOOSE, then the future becomes EXCITING, and that’s a really fun way to live on a daily basis 🙂

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