getting my kids to eat more veggies

Getting your kids to eat more VEGGIES!

{Lightly edited video transcript below!}

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Helping your kid eat a VARIETY of Foods (including veggies!)

I want to share with you guys a tip on what’s been working for me to help the kids eat a variety of foods.

Like most moms, I have really struggled with getting my kids to eat a wide variety of different foods, especially fruits and veggies! Luckily I have an inexpensive tip I’m going to share it with you!

I went on Amazon and I bought a huge stack of these portion control containers.  They come with the lids. You can even use them for yourself. You can store them in the refrigerator.

I also bought a huge stack of these reusable cupcake holders and they come in all different colors. This makes it really, really fun for the kids.

I found that when I put different food in these colored cupcake holders they’re more likely to at least try it and eat it versus immediately saying like, “oh, I don’t want that”. Or YUCK.!

How to load up your portions so kids eat their veggies

kids eating mac and cheese
Before coming up with the portion and cupcake system the kids basically lived on mac & cheese 🙁

What I’ll do is I’ll usually put something like whole wheat pasta on the large side. On the small side, I’ll do things like turnip fries or sweet potato fries or even just regular homemade fries.  To make cooking quicker, I just slice them all up and I put them in a big freezer bag in the and I keep them there until I want to use them. Sprinkle them with some garlic powder and some Himalayan sea salt and they are AWESOME!

Some other ideas – I’ll make my own chicken nuggets and I’ll put some in here. Or I’ll do some chicken sausages. I made a spaghetti squash lasagna the other day. I’ll put hummus in some with some … I’ll stick some red peppers or carrots in the hummus.

I’ll put even like a couple of pretzels sometimes in there. But there’ll be a different food group in every single one. I’ll put some diced up fruit in one. Pineapple, oranges, whatever your kid likes. But you can get flexible with it!

The kids actually look forward to eating different things!

The kids really look forward to this. They love getting their tray of food at night. They love seeing all the different colored containers. They love having a variety of the things to choose from.

I never make my kids eat everything on their plate – but I do encourage them make them at least have something from every food group.

But I’m having way more success with getting my kids to eat a variety of different foods every single night for dinnertime versus just one thing over and over again.

What if your kids are still hungry before bedtime?

After their dinner, if they are still hungry before bed, I only let them have either a fruit or I let them have their pre-made veggie, healthy fat, or a fruit smoothie that I make myself for them!

I’m happy to share anything else with you guys that you want to know about like where I got … These were all on Amazon. Again, it was cheap. I think for everything, it was like $20. But it’s so worth it to get your kids eating a wide variety of different foods.

If you think that this will help you or if you’re already doing it or you have another tip for me, comment below!

Share this with somebody who needs help getting their kids to eat a wide variety of different things, including fruits and vegetables! Then we can all just work together to help each other out. Have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you later.




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