Hammer Conditioning Review – Master’s Hammer & Chisel – Day #14


Hammer Conditioning- Details

  • Trainer: Sagi Kalev
  • Hammer Conditioning Duration: About 30 Minutes!
  • Hammer Conditioning Goals: Improve relative strength, balance, and coordination with challenging compound moves.
  • Hammer Conditioning Required Equipment: Weights, pull-up bar, bench or ball, resistance band

Hammer Conditioning Moves

Some notes -This workout consists of compound moves with HEAVY weights. Think weight lifting but using multiple muscle groups at the same time, including some balance. There are only 8 moves total, and it’s two moves per set, which you do two rounds of. Every move is 12 reps.

  1. Set 1

    1. Clock Push Up Crunch – This one is fun! It’s a pushup at the 12:00 position, followed by tapping your right knee to your right elbow. Then rotate to 1:00, and do the same thing, all the way around the clock. Round 2 is the same thing, but going counterclockwisehammer_conditioning_planktap
    2. Side Lunge Row – A side lunge followed by a row. Round one is the left leg, and round 2 is the right leg.
  2. Set 2

    1. Fly Lunge Twist – This one is in the video. It’s a tricky move. You use a very light weight in your right hand. Stand up straight with your arms open and bring them together in front of you. Then, keeping your arms in front, do a reverse lunge with your right foot going back. At the bottom of the lunge, twist to your left across the forward leg. Stand up & repeat. Round 2 is the same move but the opposite direction & lunge. Major shoulder burner. hammer_conditioning_fly_lunge_twist
    2. Sumo Squat Press – Simple move. Weights at your shoulders, with wide feet & toes pointed outwards. You do a sumo squat, followed by a should press.
  3. Set 3

    1. Burpee Renegade Upright Row  – A multi-part move. Standing up with weights in hand, you drop to the ground and jump back to plank. Then you do a row on each arm (left & right). Jump forward again, stand up straight and do a row.
    2. Stiff Leg Deadlift Crunch – A balance move with an ab component. – standing on one leg, you do a deadlift by pivoting down at your hip and letting your other leg float backward. On the way back up, you lift that back leg up to your chest in a standing crunch type of move. Round 2 is the opposite side.hammer_conditioning_deadlift_kneelift
  4. Set 4

    1. Plank Raise Tap Crunch – A plank with the following moves – lift right arm forward, and back down. Lift right arm out to the side, and back down. Then bring your left foot up and tap it with your right hand. Round 2 is the opposite side.hammer_conditioning_push-up-clock-crunch
    2. Reverse Lunge Curl Kickback – Here’ show this one works! Start with a reverse lunge on your right leg. Once you are in the lunge position, do a bicep curl. With the weights curled up, lean forward (still in the lunge position) and do a tricep kickback. Stand up & repeat. Round 2 is the opposite side.hammer_conditioning_reverse_lunge_curl

Hammer Conditioning Review & Thoughts:  

This was Sagi’s Hammer workout that does multiple compound moves in a single exercise. I love these kinds of moves because they are usually functional and engage your core (as opposed to doing straight moves for a particular muscle group). I definitely was winded at the end of this and the pace was very quick.

Going forward, I won’t be making posts every single day since the workouts repeat (the program comes with 12 unique workouts) – but I will keep up with my weekly progress reports and anything else I think about.

Hammer and Chisel Meals: 

What I ate today!

  • Breakfast -Chocolate Shakeology w/ chilled coffee, 1/2 a banana, 2 Tsp peanut butter
  • Snack – Egg on Toast
  • Lunch – Salad with Turkey, egg, feta cheese with balsamic dressing
  • Snack – Celery with peanut butter
  • Dinner – Chicken & sweet potato w/ brown rice
  • Evening Snack – Banana

Have any questions for me about this program? Post ’em in the comments or shoot me an email!

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