if you dont ask the answer is always no

If You Don’t Ask, The Answer Is Always No

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” Nora Williams

If there is something you want to do but keep telling yourself, “I can’t do that” or “That could never be me” – STOP right now because YES YOU CAN! You ALL have a fire deep down inside for something that you’ve ALWAYS DREAMED of doing! You may even say – I’d love to do that in my next life! The reality is there is no next life.. WHY keep waiting??! ..do it NOW! No one is promised tomorrow.

WHY you actually haven’t tried that “thing” you’ve always dreamed of doing? What is holding you back?! Is it fear of the unknown, or not knowing where to start?

You can’t commit to the outcome before committing to the process!

Ask yourself this question. “What is the one thing that would upset me if, at the end of my life, I do not attempt to do?” Whatever the first thing is that pops in your head, THAT is your answer!! Now it’s time to take ACTION! The process won’t be perfect. You will strike out at many times – but it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress!

I didn’t THINK I would have this much success as a coach. But I found my PASSION. I LOVE helping people. And because of that I made a commitment! Day in and day out to work toward my goals. It hasn’t always been smooth but I’m doing something I TRULY LOVE!

So the the question is: Are you willing? Even if there’s a learning curve? Even if there is no guarantee of success? Even if you’re afraid? Even if the steps seem insignificant? Even if you don’t know what you’re doing? Are you still WILLING to show up? Are you still WILLING to move forward? Are you still willing to do it anyway? If you want something in your life to happen, that is the COMMITMENT you need!

Put one foot in front of the other – even if you don’t know if you’re doing it right. Even when you question yourself. Even if you don’t know where it will lead. The most important thing is that you’re willing to find out!

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