Join my Exclusive New Year – 80 Day to the Best Shape of your LIFE – Group!

I haven’t been this excited about a program since becoming a online health  & fitness coach almost 3-1/2 years ago!!

Autumn Calabrese is the trainer that helped me get into the best shape of my life after 2 kids – something I honestly didn’t believe possible.

TODAY, she has has released a brand-new program called 80 Day Obsession! Results speak – check out Brittany here on the right who went through the pre-launch test group, six months post-partum! OMG my body NEEDS this in my LIFE right now so bad! I can’t wait to get started with this come the New Year!

We are starting January 15th so we can do this together and make some awesome changes right away in 2018!!! No flaking, no failing, no going to the gym for a few weeks and then back to old habits. A COMMITMENT to make a CHANGE!!

This is predicted to be the most effective and best program EVER released! I LOVE how there are no repeat workouts for all 80 days! You know what that means?? No getting BORED and constant muscle confusion so you never plateau and change keeps happening! SIGN ME UP!!

My body needs SERIOUS change and I’m even more excited to be able to be in an exclusive group with Autumn every day so she can give me even more support!!

Yep – you heard that right – you can join in an exclusive, private group – WITH AUTUMN!! for the full 80 days. You can ask her questions, listen to her live inspiration and tips, and join the journey with myself and many others working to make 2018 their best year EVER!

Shoot me a message today – You can send me an email, message me on Facebook, message me on Instagram, or fill out the form below.  Just get in touch! – I only have 5 spots left when this email goes out for our private support group and they are filling up extremely fast with the post-Christmas rush! So message me ASAP if you want to join!

I’m going to make 2018 my BEST YEAR EVER – let’s make it yours also!! 




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