February Fab Abs Free 30 Day Ab Challenge

Join our Free February FAB Abs Challenge!

Hey Everyone! Our team has a FUN & FREE ab challenge group up & running for the month of February!

I just spent a few days on a spontaneous trip in South Carolina, AND I am going to be on a Cruise with Team Beachbody in just 40 DAYS, so it’s time to CRACK DOWN and get to work!

This group will include:

  • Daily moves that will get harder as the month goes on and you get STRONGER!
  • A variety of core work to work your upper, lower and transverse abdominal muscles
  • A fun, FREE group where we will hold each other accountable and check in once we complete each day’s moves!
  • Motivation, support & encouragement!

To join us, just send me a message on Facebook and ask to join! I will get you added in!

Message me on Facebook to join our FREE Ab Challenge!

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