Master’s Hammer & Chisel – Day #2 – Hammer Plyometrics

Hammer Plyometrics – Details

  • Trainer: Sagi Kalev
  • Hammer Plyometrics Duration: ~26 minutes – this one is pretty short but don’t let that trip you up! It is INTENSE!
  • Hammer Plyometrics Goals: Build Speed & POWER using fast-twitch muscles
  • Hammer Plyo Required Equipment: Band, Bench, Pull up Bar, 10 – 20 lb weight / dumbbell

Hammer Plyometrics Moves

Some notes – all moves are 30 seconds long. You go through all of them sequentially, then do it again for a second round!

  1. Vertical Jump – pretty simple, it’s just a squat to a jump, with one arm raised, like you are shooting a basketball! To make this one burn, be sure to really JUMP as HIGH as you can!
  2. Burpee Pull Up – Just like it says – a burpee, then a pull up, repeat, repeat repeat as many in 30 seconds as you can!
  3. Leg In & Outs – you straddle the bench, holding onto it, and then jump up and put your feet onto the bench, and back to the floor. Up, down, up, down, and outs hammer plyometrics
  4. Plyo Push Up Taps – It’s a push-up, with a Plyo on the UP, then tap the bench with one hand.
  5. Crazy Horse – You hold the bench with your hands and then hop over it!
  6. Chin Up Crunch Squat Jump – This is a chin-up (hands reversed so your palms face you) – on the upward pull, lift your knees to your chest to do a mid-air crunch. After, drop from the bar and do a squat and a high jump .
  7. Knee Driver –  You use a weight ( I picked ~10 pounds). It’s basically a lunge move with a jump afterwards. So – you start with your right leg back, weight in your right hand, in a lunge position. Stand up and raise your right knee and jump, while simultaneously punching up in the air with the weighted hand. Sounds tricky – but watch my video and it will make sense 🙂Knee Drivers. hammer plyometrics
  8. Sumo Tuck Jump – Sumo squat position (toes out, legs spread further than hip width, back straight) – squat down and then jump up.
  9. Lunge Lunge Squat – Just like it sounds! Plyo fun – a lunge, followed by another lunge, and then a squat to really burn those quads

Hammer Plyometrics Review & Thoughts: 

I really liked this workout! I was thinking it wouldn’t be too difficult since it was short (after the warmup, the actual workout is only around 21 minutes long, and there are even some decent breaks and rest periods in betweeen moves. But, I found that when I really pushed it hard, I ended up soaked in sweat anyway.

I did this workout with my husband today. We didn’t have a bench, so we used chairs, which was OK, but the bench is a definite investment we have to make.

The hardest move, IMO, wsa the Crazy Horse. After a few jumps, my quads and my hip flexors were on FIRE!

Hammer and Chisel Meals: 

We ran out of Chocolate Shakeology (noooo!!!) 2 days ago and are waiting on our next shipment to come in. But, here is what I ate today, following the container plan:

  • Breakfast – Strawberry Shakeology & 1/2 Banana / Almond Milk
  • Snack – 1 Hard Boiled Egg
  • Lunch – Salad with Hummus, Tuna, Balsamic Vinegar & Tomato
  • Snack – Oatmeal with Blueberries
  • Dinner – FIXATE Beef Stew
  • Evening Snack – Apple Slices w/ Peanut Butter

Feeling great so far – after my diet being off for a while this fall, it feels really great to have regained control over what I am eating and I already feel so much better!

Day #3 tomorrow! See you there!

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