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My First 60 Days as a Beachbody Coach

Hi Everyone!

Well, my first 60 days as a Team Beachbody Coach have been a complete whirlwind of excitement, fun, and just a little sprinkling of stress! The experience has been so incredibly positive. I have had a lot of questions about my progress so I wanted to share with you how this has played out so far.

A Skeptical Start

Like many others, I started off extremely skeptical on the coaching opportunity. I had always really loved Beachbody products (heck, I did P90X with my Husband in 2009, almost five years ago!)  and had actually turned many people onto the programs in the past.

So, when my friend Heather first brought up the coaching opportunity to me, I was intrigued by it, but I had a lot of concerns, including:

  • Is now the right time?
  • Will I like Shakeology or earn enough to pay for it?
  • Am I in good enough shape to be a coach?
  • Will people really be interested in having me help them?
  • Will I have time?

I waffled back and forth for a few months. I would get excited about it then convince myself I wouldn’t have enough time or energy to do it.

My husband and I talked about it (he was extremely skeptical) and we came up with some ground rules for my run at it, including a goal of at least breaking even by the end of Month #2. (As it turns out, even if I hadn’t broken even I would still be on the Shakeology because I am now completely addicted!)

Finally, I decided that was it, I was going to go for it.

Month #1

Yup. Even on vacation in South Carolina I went on the patio in the 90% humidity and pushed "Play".
Yup. Even on vacation in South Carolina I went on the patio in the 90% humidity and pushed “Play”.

The first thing I realized was that I didn’t know anything about coaching. My first day I actually thought … what do I do now? I didn’t know how the pay plan worked. What a challenge group was. How team meetings or Success Club worked. I felt lost!

Instead of worrying about that, I went right into making a post on Facebook about a 21 Day Fix challenge group, and within a few days had my first few discount coaches signed up. A good friend of mine also signed up as an active coach and jumped on the 21 Day Fix and got a few discount coaches as well. I also signed up my husband under me and put two people under him. On Day #11, I became a Diamond coach – which means I had a minimum of four coaches on each leg and an emerald on each leg.

The first challenge group was so important! We had around 12 participants and the enthusiasm was sky high. I knew right then and there I had made a good decision to become a coach. By the end of the 21 days, people in our group lost a total of 90+ pounds. The feedback I got about the programs and Shakeology was incredible. Meanwhile, I had personally dropped 9 pounds on the program and was feeling amazing. Almost every participant from the first group moved into PiYo next and with referrals I picked up a total of Success Club 47 between June 25th (when I started) and the end of July.

Month #2

Next month I ran more challenge groups, and as I learned about Beachbody more I became more involved with joining team calls and working on personal development.

I ran a PiYo group and 3 21 Day Fix Groups starting on different weeks. Again, referrals and really working with people hand in hand helped. I also found some new people that were interested themselves in becoming active coaches – so I placed them in the right spots to get my husband’s account to Diamond. In the same week, my active coach Daryl also got to Diamond, and I found myself 2-star qualifying on August 24th, 53 days into coaching.

This picked up the notice of Keith Callahan, a member of the Millionaire club, who asked me to run the Coach Basics training (which you can find on my YouTube page); and also the attention of my immediate team, who asked for tips on how to move quickly in this business. I talked about it on our team call.

Month #3 and Beyond

The first few months have been a whirlwind. From not understanding the Beachbody business at all to completely immersing myself in personal development, I have changed in so many ways. I am physically faster and stronger. I’ve come back from Baby #2 faster than I thought I could. The future is full of excitement and opportunity, and I’m running into it!

Want to join Team Forever Strong? Contact me or to learn more about becoming a coach!

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