Shift Shop 10 Day Results

Shift Shop Test Group – 10 Day Results!

Hey Everyone!

Some of you may know if you have been following me on Facebook or on Instagram but I am in a test group for a brand-new program coming out this summer called Shift Shop.

The Shift Shop is an amazing program – I started the test group on Monday, May 8th and am currently on the last day of Week #2. Shift Shop is a 21 day program and the test group has me doing two rounds, so a total of 42 days, so I’m about 25% of the way through it, but the way I feel is just incredible.

Let me FIRST start out by saying how EMBARRASSED I am to be showing the picture of me on the left. BUT…..I am BLOWN AWAY guys!!!!! This is for the brand new Shift Shop program that is being released to all you you guys THIS July!!!! It’s a 21 day program and these are my 10 DAY RESULTS!!!!

AMAZING right?!! I’m down 9 pounds and have lost 5 inches and literally FEEL like a new and in control woman!!!! Still have a ways to go to reach my ultimate goal but it is CRAZY how FAST your body can change when you fuel it with the RIGHT FOODS + press play every day!!!

This program is already changing my life and will continue to for the next 32 days! (We are doing 2 rounds of this since I’m in the test group)

THIS will be what gets me over the struggles I was having of emotionally eating and drinking. THIS will be the program that gives me back COMPLETE CONFIDENCE and makes me feel better then ever! My nutrition was totally derailed for a few months, obviously you can tell by the picture on the left but I KNOW this is going to be the thing that gets me back on track FOR GOOD this time!!

It will be available to YOU as of July so if you want to hear more about it and be the first to try it out, message me or comment below and I will put you in my informational Shift Shop group! Want to join? Fill out some info below and I’ll get in touch with you ASAP! And keep following my journey! 

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