Forever Strong 2015 Elite Coach

Team Forever Strong Closes Out 2015 as Elite Coach, #109 out of 400,000 in the Network

TEAM FOREVER STRONG we did it!!!!  What a way for our team to end 2015!!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!

I just got the call that our Team Forever Strong is OFFICIALLY a 2015 ELITE TEAM and ended the year ranked at #109 out of all the other 400,000 teams in the entire network – the TOP .02%!!! This team is AMAZING!!! They blow me away!

This is such an INCREDIBLE achievement, especially considering our team has only existed for 18 months!!!! But our mission is to HELP as MANY people reach their health and fitness goals as possible! And we are JUST GETTING WARMED UP!

We help EVERYONE reach their goals, whether it is health, emotional, happiness, fitness or financial….it doesn’t matter!!! At the center of everything we do is just simply wanting to HELP and that is how we have achieved this title as a team!

Every coach on this team is POSITIVE, HAPPY, DRIVEN, truly CARES about impacting lives and best yet……we are ALL FRIENDS!! That’s what I love about the culture on our team! It is TOP NOTCH!

It is INCREDIBLE how drastically your life can change in such a short amount of time!!!! And not only just myself, but to sit back and watch SO many coaches on my team change their lives too!! You would be MIND BLOWN!!!! So I don’t know what your hold up is…..but YOU should be a part of this!!! If you have been sitting on the fence……MOVE because the BEST time is NOW!

I could not be any more PROUD of this team!!! What a way to close out 2015!!! Can’t WAIT to see us BLOW IT UP this year!! This is JUST the start of some AMAZING things! Congratulations to you ALL!!!

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