Team Forever Strong Helped 175 People in July!

I was literally BLOWN AWAY with my team for the month of JULY!! As a team we helped 175 people get started on living a happier and healthier life!! They worked so hard to IMPACT as many lives as possible because we believe EveryONE matters!!

This month I told my team that I would make a donation to a charity. Since we changed 175 lives, I will be donating $175.00 to a charity called Binkeez forComfort It feels so GOOD to be able to GIVE BACK and HELP out! If you haven’t heard of this charity you should definitely check out their page!

This was a record breaking month for Team Forever Strong and I CAN’T wait to see what the month of August brings!! You should all be SO PROUD of yourselves! If you know someone on this list, please congratulate them!

I LOVE this team!! They are incredible!

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