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Team Forever Strong Kicks Off 2016 at #4 in the Northeast, and #34 in the Nation!

GUYS!!!!!! I am TOTALLY FREAKIN OUT over here!!! EEEKKKK!!! I just found out that the first Coach Leaderboards for 2016 have been released!!

I am BURSTING at the seams with EXCITEMENT for my Team Forever Strong because we are starting off 2016 ranked #4 in the Northeast Region AND ranked #34 in the ENTIRE network out of 400,000 coaches!!!!!! I can’t even begin to explain how PROUD and PSYCHED I am for this team!!! I am SO PROUD! BIG BIG things are going to happen this year for us!! We as a team, TRULY BELIEVE in helping everyone achieve their health, fitness, and financial goals and THAT is how we have achieved this incredible rank! We are going UP from here and there is no stopping us!

If you have been following me for a while and have been contemplating joining us, then NOW is the time to jump in because WE are taking this to the TOP!!!! So if you are a person who REALLY wants to build a successful business with me, who is someone WILLING to put in the work, and is a GO GETTER then reach out to me and I can add you to my FREE 5 Day Coach Sneak peek where you can learn about what we do as coaches.

Starts MONDAY! Send me a message TONIGHT or fill out the form below and JOIN US on this wild ride!

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