Those Little Daily Decisions Add Up Over Time

Remember this – it’s the little daily decisions that you choose to do or choose not to do, that compound over time. You don’t see changes happening right away, it takes time and then all of a sudden things in your life either start improving or declining. It’s EASY to make the right choices each day, but it’s also just as easy NOT to do them.

It’s the same thing in all areas of life. Is eating a Big Mac and Large Fries going to make you overweight? No. But doing it on a regular basis will compound over time until you look in the mirror one day and ask yourself, “What Happened?”. Same thing with your finances. You overspend a little today, a little tomorrow, and over time it adds up to a BIG problem! I know, because I have been there!

Focus on doing things to make yourself and things in your life BETTER as time goes on.  Start small! The good news is that the same SMALL daily decisions that cause problems; are the same small daily decisions that cause success. Just like you won’t gain 10 pounds from eating a single huge meal, you also won’t lose 10 pounds by working out once. Make a small decision to start – a step in the right direction, and over time, watch in amazement as those small changes compound in your life in a BIG way! ‘

Remember – life doesn’t know the difference between your past, present or future. The time is going to pass anyways! So pick something small and work on improving that. One day at a time, one decision at a time.

I believe in you! Now go believe in yourself!


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