You are only confined by the walls you build yourself

To Grow, You Have to PUSH Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Did you know that MOST people live in their comfort zone because of the FEAR of the unknown? There’s a comfort in familiarity!

You wouldn’t believe it but I was chatting with someone the other day and she was saying she didn’t think she could be a coach on our team because she’s never done something like this before and she was afraid she wouldn’t be any good at it!!! I hear this A LOT!!!!!!

I could REALLY relate because I WAS that person before!!! I was the type of person who would NEVER Do ANYTHING out of my comfort zone before and always played things “safe.” I did what was FAMILIAR to me. After all we are creatures of habit so we instinctually don’t LIKE to try new things and stretch ourselves.

But the ONLY way to GROW as a person is to come out of that comfort zone! I’ve done more growing than every before in the past 18 months, all because I came out of my comfort zone and did something I wasn’t familiar with. We ALL want to grow and become better right? I mean, why wouldn’t we? If we are TOO comfortable then we are not productive.

I would have NEVER thought that little ol’ me, a retired elementary school teacher would be capable of forming a massive team of over 1,000 coaches and that we would work our way to being one of the TOP teams in the company. I would have NEVER thought that it was even possible to out earn my husband’s salary. I would have never thought that I’d be able to speak at a HUGE Super Saturday event to over 350 other people. I would have never thought that I’d be able to pay off all of my credit card debt.I would have never thought I’d be able to afford to take my parents with us when we go on beautiful vacations I have earned. The list goes on…….

Each time you push yourself out of your comfort zone it pushes you and motivates you to try new things!! So try it and see for yourself! One thing leads to another, and new doors keep opening. I live my life CONSTANTLY forcing myself out of my comfort zone and it’s EXHILARATING and makes me feel ALIVE!

So don’t be AFRAID of the unknown……be MORE afraid you are not living up to your potential!

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