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What Actually Happens In a Support and Accountability Challenge Group?

Challenge Groups are THE MAIN REASON why I have had success with my own fitness journey!

You hear me talk about the private challenge groups our team runs all the time, but a lot of people don’t really know what goes in inside of them! A challenge group is a PRIVATE SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY group run by our team where we work through a program TOGETHER! It’s a completely JUDGEMENT FREE zone where everyone shares motivation, their success, AND their failures. We get INSPIRED to succeed!

I can tell you this though.. there is NO WAY in HELL I would have been able to lose 35 pounds without the SUPPORT from these groups! I had already tried everything under the sun and always failed at it. But by being in these interactive private groups, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to fail!

So I wanted to give you ALL a glimpse into a current 21 day challenge group our team is running right now!! There are OVER 400 people in it!! 400!!!!!! That’s CRAZY!!!! That’s 400 people with ONE thing in common. And you know what that one thing in common is? A desire to be better. A desire to be healthier. A desire to make 2016 their best year yet!

These photos and comments you see are from REAL people in this very challenge group going on right now! When I go into this group and read these comments, I get so inspired and excited! These are REAL people, using REAL fitness programs, with a proper nutrition plan seeing REAL results!

Being part of a support system like this is KEY to having success with your health and fitness – and they are so much FUN! It’s so hard to accomplish your goals alone. You get overwhelmed, you struggle, you may consider stopping…… But when you are surrounded by people EVERY day cheering you on, and picking you UP when you feel like throwing in the towel…it’s impossible to fail! This provides motivation to keep going!! People share recipes, best tips, and other encouraging posts so everyone stays on track. We share when we are struggling, when something is hard or not working for us, and when something is going GREAT!

This is JUST a glimpse…a small snippet but these photos and posts are what happens EVERY.SINGLE.DAY in our challenge group! 

I’m INVITING YOU! to join our next team 21 day challenge group!! It is featuring the program that helped ME lose 35 pounds and get into the BEST shape of my life AFTER having 2 babies!

If you have tried everything and are sick and tired of starting something and either not having the motivation to finish OR not seeing the results you are hoping for then JOIN US!! You WILL love it!! I’ve opened up 5 more spots because as you can see the groups fill up and get BIG FAST!

Send me an email at kathi.reuter@gmail.com or fill out the form below to join our next group!

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