what are you willing to fight for

What are you willing to FIGHT for?

I NEVER cared about becoming a better version of myself before. I never even considered personal growth. I was perfectly content with just letting things happen to me in life and I always thought I was a good person, so whatever happened happened. I had absolutely no desire to control the future and was just letting life happen to me……isn’t that how most people think and live anyways?

Not taking responsibility for my life was easy and required no extra effort on my end, plus it was comfortable. When things went wrong I would blame something or someone else, but would very rarely point the finger back at myself. This mentality went on for most of my life……..

Then I had my son, and my daughter.

Right around the time when Kiersten was 4 months old and Landon was 22 months, my entire mentality and view on the future started to slowly change. This wasn’t just about ME anymore……I couldn’t just let life happen without taking ownership of it! What kind of an example would I be setting for my kids?? Would I want my children to live that way?????

I slowly started reading 10 minutes of personal development (self help),every day, and I noticed small changes starting to happen in my mind with the way I viewed the world! I was beginning to take charge of my life and by gaining that self responsibility, I realized I could control my future! As a parent, it was MY JOB to be the BEST version of myself for my children. My mindset shifted from……”We have a good life”……..to….”We deserve a BETTER life!” I started to become PROACTIVE to creating a better life versus being passive about it.

It’s a work in progress and not something that happens overnight. I’ve been working on this now for 2 years and I’m still not where I want to be, but I look at how far I’ve come and the gains I’ve made!!! I will continue to work on growing and becoming better! There is no age limit on self growth and it’s important I set this example for my children and not just sleep walk through life. The goal is never perfection, but to constantly be growing to become the best version of my self. It’s a CHOICE I make every day and I will NEVER stop!

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