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Big Milestone Week | What has Beachbody Coaching Done for our Family

Another BIG Milestone week for me & Nick!

Last May, I had my FIRST paycheck as a Coach that exceeded Nick’s take-home pay!

This past week, my paycheck is now more than DOUBLE what Nick earns… eight months later! (and 19 months into the business).

This past WEEK (yes, WEEK) my Beachbody paycheck was enough to cover:

✔Our ENTIRE mortgage
✔Skiing for the day with the kids (rentals and passes)
✔Lunch with the kids
✔AND a Dinner date for me and my hub

Skiing with the kids, a lunch out and a dinner out may sound like silly little things that are no big deal, but for US these were things we simply could not AFFORD to do before I started coaching and earning an income. We could BARELY even afford our mortgage and were constantly shuffling money around to make the payments. This opportunity…..or blessing really….. has DRASTICALLY changed things for our family in so many ways and I NEVER take it for granted.

I share this because so many of you have been reaching out about joining our team and wondering if it’s for you or not! So many of YOU have voiced how you would LOVE to change things, that you WISH this could be YOU … well, this CAN be YOU!! You say you are SCARED to take the leap! Don’t be afraid of what MIGHT happen, be afraid of what MIGHT NOT happen! HAHA.

I won’t sugarcoat it because I want everyone to know what is involved. It takes WORK – DEDICATION, DRIVE and PERSISTENCY. NOTHING happens over night!

I turned it all around over TIME. In the first six months as a coach, our finances stabilized. WE still had debt, but weren’t sinking into it any more. At my one year mark, we were steadily paying OFF our debt. A little later, we paid off the rest of the debt. And now we can do little things that used to be off the radar, like skiing, lunch & dinner.

Things are happier, we are healthier, we are doing this TOGETHER and most importantly we are being the BEST role models for our children that we could possibly be – letting them SEE that life is FULL OF POSSIBILITY and they CAN reach their potentials!

Send me an email at, or drop your email below,  fill out my coaching application below! I’m taking on THREE PEOPLE this month to train and learn to run this BUSINESS and how to have success!

“Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.”

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