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Break through your MENTAL BLOCKS and build CONFIDENCE!


Ever since I was younger I ALWAYS struggled with my CONFIDENCE in a lot of areas. I was talking about this with Nick the other day along our walk with the kids.

It started WAY back when I was in the second grade when I started my MAJOR struggle with Math. I just kept getting it in my head that “I couldn’t do it.” I had a tutor, and my dad would also work with me every night to complete homework and teach it to me, but I just had this MENTAL BLOCK. The more I thought I couldn’t do it……the more I failed at it. I was too nervous to even ask for help in school because I didn’t want others to think I was stupid and I wanted to seem like I knew what I was doing.

I kept getting papers back with ENORMOUS RED zeros covering the entire sheet! I would understand it when I was home working with my dad but then when I’d go to take a test or a quiz I’d clam up and this MENTAL BLOCK would take over.

It wasn’t until YEARS had gone bye when I got to high school that I had the worlds BEST Math teacher and she somehow instilled the CONFIDENCE in me that I COULD DO IT! Slowly my “MENTAL BLOCK” went away and I started succeeding. I started thinking, “I CAN do this!” I changed my thought process. It was harder for me and I had to study harder than some of my friends but I was seeing that I COULD do well in Math!
I had the same problem when I wanted to become a teacher and I had to take the darn teacher test! UGH! I am NOT a good test taker! I had to take it multiple times before I passed and there were so many different sections to take.

But WHY was it that I wasn’t passing these tests? I KNEW the material….I KNEW it ALL. But for some reason that one episode of FAILING that first time caused a MENTAL BLOCK and each time I showed up to retake that test, the fear of NOT PASSING would cloud my mind again. I was SO nervous about not being able to become a teacher someday. I never gave up though. I FINALLY passed after taking it multiple times but it wasn’t until I got out of my own head and started saying, “I CAN DO THIS!” That’s when I passed!
YOU are the ONLY thing standing in your way of the successes and achievements you want in life. CONFIDENCE plays such a HUGE roll in EVERYTHING you do! Literally, everything you THINK is put out in to the atmosphere…….scary to think how much YOUR own thoughts can control outcomes. Everyone has their struggles…..this is one of them for ME. I’m really hard on myself so when something doesn’t work out for me I tend to get really down on myself and take it personally. I’m working on it, and NOW as soon as I start to even think something NEGATIVE I kick it to the curb as fast as possible and don’t even let it enter my mind.

Be careful what you think, because your thoughts control your life. And if you don’t learn to control your thoughts……then you will never know how to control your behavior.



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