Your life isn't yours if you constantly care what others think

Do You Let The Opinions of Others Control Your Actions?

Do you let the opinions of others control what you do?

In the past 19 months, I’ve NEVER seen SO many people who truly LOVE what they are doing…..STOP or QUIT because they let the OPINIONS of others get to them. Not just for coaching either, but I have a lot of other friends who own their own businesses as well, who have unfortunately let what others think CONTROL their decisions to keep going forward.

This is so sad to me, but also something I can 100% understand and relate to!! I know a LOT of people struggle with caring too much and taking to heart what their “friends” say to them about new ventures they have set out to do. You see…….I’ve lived my ENTIRE life worrying about what others thought of me. I let what others would say dictate the things I pursued. I couldn’t even make the decision for myself! THEY WOULD make it for me. I cared way more about the opinions of others, that I would put that FIRST, before what I REALLY believed in or wanted. It was a lack of CONFIDENCE within myself and it’s been a battle for as long as I can remember.

Then one day I realized that I am a grown woman with a family and that I am going to LIVE my life by being UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME! I’m going to do what I LOVE and what is BEST for my FAMILY , and I’m not going to let what others say about me…….. CONTROL whether or not I do what I LOVE or have always wanted to do. I only have one shot at this awesome life, and I want to live it MY way. NOT by the way others THINK I should be living it!

People will ALWAYS have their opinions…but just remember one thing…..they are ONLY opinions. They are NOT facts! Peoples opinions of you do not define who YOU are! So don’t let another day go by where your dedication to other people’s opinions are GREATER than your dedication to your own emotions! Journey through your life without attachment to the validation of others and live it the way YOU want to live it!

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