dont be afraid to fail be afraid to not try

Don’t be afraid to FAIL, be afraid not to try!

People are SO AFRAID to FAIL…….. and when they do, are SO quick to give up on themselves, quit or throw in the towel! Don’t view FAILING that way. Just because you failed at something does NOT make YOU a failure!! There is a difference. It’s not about the mistakes and failures you have in life, but has EVERYTHING to do with how you handle them!! This is what determines your outcome, and determines whether you propel forward in life or remain the same.

The ONLY way to FAIL is if YOU quit, stop, or do nothing. Instead, use these mistakes and failures as TEACHABLE MOMENTS! What can you learn from this to become better? The most IMPORTANT thing is that you KEEP GOING and don’t stop fighting for what you want or BELIEVE in. There is no straight line to success with anything in life. It’s a jagged road with bumps, cliffs, twists and turns…..but if you can make it through all of that…….. then the destination is BEAUTIFUL and so worth it!!

Take it one day at a time! Don’t be afraid to fail!! If you are not failing, then you are not GROWING! We only have one life and we should all be encouraging each other to be better and do better things in this world! It all starts with being OK with making mistakes and failing. We fall, we learn from our mistakes, and we take that knowledge and what we learned and use it to MOVE FORWARD. The most successful people in this world, are the ones who FAILED the most.

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