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Don’t Throw your Dreams into the Trash Can Along with your Losing Powerball Ticket!

Anyone win the Powerball?!!!

Oh……no one did? I didn’t think so. 🙁

Yesterday on Facebook I saw everyone talking about their UNRESTRAINED DREAMS. Things the would DO if they won the Powerball. I saw people posting about how they would pay off debt! How they would go on vacations! How they would stop working! How they would take care of their families!

Then, this morning, just 24 hours later, I saw everyone who didn’t win – take those dreams and ambitions that they were JUST talking about yesterday and throw them in trash can! WHAT??!! WHY!!

Everyone always wants the quick easy and instant way to be rich. That doesn’t happen! Your chance of winning the powerball is a 1 in 300 million! You have a better chance of walking outside and getting struck by lightning.

If you want financial freedom you have to go and MAKE it happen! Remember all the dreams you just had yesterday about those Powerball winnings? Are they worth fighting for? If they are – here is some AWESOME news !! – YOU can decide to work at it and earn it!

It doesn’t just happen by chance or luck. Someone who wins the power ball or lottery might make the headlines of the news but that BECAUSE it is so rare. The people who REALLY make it big, SUSTAIN success and have a TRUE lifetime of financial freedom have made SMALL, little decisions every single day over a period of TIME to bring them to that point!

So you have 2 options!

• You can sit around and mope and complain today and blame your circumstances that you didn’t win
~ OR ~
• You can realize that YOU have the capability to go out there and do it yourself! It won’t be easy but it will be worth it!! And once you realize that YOU can do this, you will feel so unbelievably EMPOWERED!

For me and my family – the opportunity to achieve this has been through online health & fitness coaching. That excitement that you feel when you hold a ticket that *might* be a winner? That’s what every day feels like now. I’ve been building this business for the past 18 months – and it’s creating a future I can’t even begin to explain. It feels like winning the Powerball every day 🙂

Join my FREE Webinar, Tonight at 8:30PM EST

I’m running a FREE coaching webinar tonight on YouTube at 8:30 pm est. If you want to learn about taking action to create a future for yourself, like I’ve been able to do for my family then click the link below and join us! You can make a CHOICE to make a CHANGE. But whatever you do – don’t throw your ambitions & dreams in the trash can just because you didn’t pull a 1 in 300 million lotto ticket.

Don’t wish for it. Work for it!

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