Holiday Fitness Survival Group

Holiday & Christmas Survival Group – Avoid the Weight Gain during the Holidays!

I still have 2 spots left in our 21 Day Holiday Survival Group! This is the program that got me to lose 35 pounds and got me into the BEST shape of my life all AFTER having 2 little babies and it’s all on SALE until midnight tonight est. It only goes on sale about 2X a year!

Get it NOW and get the most for your money and start after Christmas OR get it NOW and join us immediately! For me personally, this time of year is an EXTREME struggle when it comes to staying focused on my fitness and nutrition. I tend to make more excuses as to why I should either skip a workout or why I should just eat and drink whatever I want to. The end result is always ME going into the New Year 10 pounds heavier feeling like crap about myself with my self esteem down in the dumps.

BUT….since using the 21 Day Fix program I’ve been able to stay on track much more then previous years because I have the tools to succeed. So last year was the FIRST year I did not start the New Year 10 – 15 pounds heavier! I have so much more energy while playing with the kids all day. I don’t feel sluggish, or feel like I need endless amounts of coffee to stay awake, and I don’t have the crazy cravings I use to for all the sweets and treats! And the Holidays require TONS of energy and are usually EXHAUSTING but I powered through it feeling GREAT the entire time and truly just was able to ENJOY this special time of year.

Listen…..I want to ENJOY the Holidays. I want to eat my treats and have my drinks and truly enjoy them without feeling guilty and worrying about what the heck the scale is going to say come January 1st. But that’s why our team designed this group! It is SPECIFICALLY designed for THIS Holiday season! And it’s going to be SO much fun! Prizes will be given as well!

This group can HELP YOU because you will get:

🎄Delicious Skinny Holiday Cocktail Recipes
🎄Yummy Holiday Meals and Side Dishes
🎄Healthier versions of your favorite desserts
🎄Creative Elf on the shelf ideas to use
🎄All the 21 Day Fix Workout DVDS
🎄Portion control containers with meal plans and recipes
🎄A month supply of my favorite superfood shake Shakeology
🎄A shaker cup to take it on the go
🎄ME as your personal coach
🎄Access to our private Holiday Survival Group

Want in? Drop a comment below or email me at!

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