i dont have time its not a priority

Instead of “I Don’t Have Time”, Try Saying, “It’s Not a Priority”

The next time are about to say, “I don’t have time”, try thinking about this quote to put it into context!

When you say you don’t have TIME for something, what you are really saying is that there are OTHER things that are more important! When you ask the question this way, it helps you put a focus on the order of priority of things in your life, as opposed to simply using time as an excuse.

I get it!! Everyone is busy. I remember, before I had kids – I felt like I was busy ALL the time. Then I had Landon, and I thought … “Wow, I can’t believe I thought I was busy before I was a mom! I am SO BUSY now!”

Then I had Kiersten, and again, I thought, “Wow! I can’t believe I thought I was busy with just ONE kid! Two is REALLY busy!”

Well, guess what? Things on my priority list shifted. They have to! We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So ask yourself this question and move the things that SHOULD be priorities in your life UP and drop the things that are NOT priorities!

I know for me, my priorities are:

1) Time with my FAMILY
3) Personal growth & my business

Everyone has the SAME 24 hours in a day!

If someone says to me they can’t get 30 minutes in, 6 days per week to take care of their health, it’s because it isn’t a priority in their life!

I’ve talked to people who tell me they are DESPERATE to make a change for their family, but then they tell me they don’t have the time for their business. Guess what? You DO have the time for the things that are MOST important in your life.

Spend 10 minutes and think about what YOUR priorities are. Then, think about your daily activities that fill your day. I mean ALL of them – including the time you play Candy Crush, scroll Facebook, watch TV or Movies. There is nothing wrong with these activities, as long as they line up with YOUR priorities!

No matter how busy you think you are, no matter how full you think your schedule is – there is SOMEONE out there who has MORE things to do and is finding a way to MAKE it a priority. It’s a decision that YOU have to make!

But, like everything else, the great thing is – it’s YOUR life and YOU get to choose what is important to you!

Have a GREAT day everyone!! Remember, you are AWESOME!

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