Muscle Burns Fat #MBF – Day #1 Review – Lower Body Burn

Muscle Burns Fat – Lower Body Burn – Details

  • Trainer: Megan Davies
  • Lower Body Burn Duration: About 39 minutes
  • Lower Body Burn Goals: This workout is all about turning those legs to jelly!
  • Lower Body Burn Required Equipment: BOD Ropes (not completely required, but definitely better if you have them!) and light, medium, heavy dumbbells. I used 10, 15, and 20 pound weights!

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Muscle Burns Fat – Lower Body Burn Moves

This workout is comprised of four rounds, which are all similar in the way they are setup. You start with two different weighted moves, then combine them – that’s 1 set, so you do that all over again a 2nd time.

After both sets are complete, you spike your heart rate with the BOD ropes.

Then you move into the next round!

The breaks in Muscle Burns Fat are VERY short, so you only have a second to catch your breath before moving to the next thing, but that’s all a part of getting it done in just a little over 30 minutes!

MBF Lower Body Burn Round #1

This first round is a QUAD BURNER right out of the gate – there are three moves in each set – asymmetric weighted squats, asymmetric weighted reverse lunges, and then a combo between the two. (Asymmetric just means that you only use a single weight loaded on one side, see the pic below for details!)

After you finish the first set, you switch the weight to other side, and repeat the set on the other side.

When THAT is all done, you repeat the entire thing again. So a total of FOUR sets of three moves, two on each side.

  • Asymmetric Weighted Squats –asymmetric weighted squat
  • Asymmetric Weighted Reverse Lungeasymmetric reverse lunge

What I liked about these moves was the quick pacing and really fun music. I think I overestimated how much weight I could use because by the 2nd round my legs were sore, but also my shoulders from holding the weight there the entire time!

By the way, how freaking jacked is Megan Davies? Dang!

After the two rounds are complete, there is a heart rate spiking move. I almost called this an intermission, although that’s a bad name for it, because literally as soon as you finish the last squat / lunge combo move from Round #1, you pick up the BOD ropes and immediately begin jumping.

I didn’t time it exactly, but I think it was about 30 seconds of jump rope where you just hop, and then a final 30 seconds of jump rope with high knees. Whew!

My BOD ropes haven’t arrived yet, so I had to just jump rope without them. But it was still hard, as my legs were already burned up from the lunges and squats!

By the way, as this is happening during all this Coronavirus craziness, the way they filmed this is really cool and fun. They have all these “cast members” doing the moves also (including a modifier!) but they are all on home and it almost feels like you are live on a Zoom call with them. Some of them are funny and some of them are goofy. It’s fun to watch the different cuts of the video to the different people.

MBF Lower Body Burn Round #2

OK, time to move on to Round #2! The structure is similar to Round 1 – two moves, then combine them. The difference is since there is no asymmetric weight, you don’t do each side twice.

The two moves and the combo once through is 1 set, and we do that twice! Afterwards, it’s the same 60 second heart rate spike with the BOD ropes again.

  • Sumo Squat – this is a pretty standard move! Two weights, make sure to keep your chest up, with your knees pointed out.

  • Curtsy Lunge – This is kind of like a reverse lunge, except you alternate each side, and during each move, you put your reversing leg behind you in a “curtsy” position. I love this move, you can really feel it on that booty! haha. I notice

One thing I like that Megan Davies keeps repeating during Muscle Burns Fat is “NO GARBAGE REPS”. This means to take your time and make sure your form is right. I’ve had knee issues before from messing up my form, so I like the constant reminder. It’s better to lower the weight and keep your form right than start getting all jacked up.

MBF Lower Body Burn Round #3

Oh yeah, we aren’t done yet! Round 3 is again structured the same way as the first two moves, but these ones are again asymmetric  (one side weighted at a time). So you do the side lunge, then the RDL, then the combo move, then switch the weight to the other side. All that, is a single set. You then repeat the entire set again, then follow up with the BOD ropes heart rate spike again.

  • Side Lunge – Just to one side at first since again, it’s asymmetric. After each side lunge, she has you stand up straight and roll your shoulders back to “reset” your posture. This is a great way to make sure you are maintaining form.

  • RDL (Russian Dead Lift) – Megan actually shared a really great video in our accountability group about RDL’s, vs. Squats, vs. Deadlifts, and how they should each be postured. For a Russian dead lift, you hinge at the hip, and push your butt back, while keeping your back straight and your knees mostly straight. You are basically lifting with those booty muscles!

MBF Lower Body Burn Round #4

Last round! Just like the 2nd round, this one has two weights you use. Two moves, combine them, then do it all over again, followed by a FINAL heart rate spike.

  • Squats – The leg exercise you know and love! These are a little different because you load up the weights at your chest. This can be kind of uncomfortable at first but it helps you keep a vertical posture and not “bend over” like when you hang weights for squats. I like how Megan talks about “time under tension” with these – we go through them SLOWLY to get the burn going, and you stay “in movement” the entire time. (no resting at the top of the move!)


  • Calf Raises – Can’t forget those calfs! Again, focus on the balance and just raise up on the toes.

And BOOM, that’s the end! (as soon as you finish the jump rope section!)

Muscle Burns Fat – Lower Body Burn Review & Thoughts: 

I really liked this workout! The music is awesome, and like I mentioned in the post, it’s really fun seeing all the different people participating at home as well.

I’ll be totally honest, I am more excited for this workout than any we have released in YEARS, maybe even since the 21 day fix launched! It’s such a fun workout and I have a feeling Muscle Burns Fat is going to be crazy popular. Our exclusive launch group already has 120 people in it, which is amazing.

There are very few breaks in between the moves, so the pacing is quick, but Megan does a great job letting you know how to manage your form so you get the most out of it. The pics here don’t really do it justice, the pacing and the music in the workout really combine to make it a burner. My legs were JELLY afterwards! I know I’m going to feel it tomorrow!

If you want to follow my journey through this program, I’ve made a featured story in Instagram so you can check out the moves, my thoughts, etc. I’ll keep updating it as I go through Muscle Burns Fat, and of course send me a message if you are ready to this with me!

Muscle Burns Fat is right now in a Coach exclusive window, so you’d need to reach out to me to get setup with it, but after July 27th, when it goes to customer launch, you can get access to stream it here. Make sure you message me on Instagram or Facebook to get added to our support group, or just fill out the form below!

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