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My Ultimate Reset Results 21 Day Detox Program Results

I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t an EMOTIONAL EATER. I’d be lying if I told you I was a fitness and nutrition fanatic. Obviously from the pictures you can tell I am NOT! πŸ˜‰

I don’t like showing people when I’m upset or stressed out. I like to hide behind my smile and act like everything is A OK! I’ve ALWAYS struggled with this – it’s a weakness of mine I work on every day.

But this picture on the left you see is straight up a culminating result of MONTHS OF STRESS!

The truth is, it started WAY back at the end of last June when BOTH our dogs died within a 5 week period. To many, “what’s the big deal? It was an animal.” But I’m not like MOST people and these were family to us. I tried to keep myself busy to just “get over it” fast, but don’t think I ever FULLY grieved.

Put that in combination with the stress of selling our house and moving out – just a lot of unknowns ……being a mom to toddlers……AND I turned to comfort food and drinks to help me feel less stressed. NOT the right way to do it and even though I was still getting in workouts every day we ALL know your results are 85% WHAT YOU EAT! I swear my spirit animal is PIZZA! LOL

Both Nick and I got to the point of DISGUST with ourselves. We HATED the way we felt. I’m not going to go into a LONG thing about it but just trying to keep it as REAL as I can with you guys so you can see that even though we run our own business as health and fitness coaches, and even though on here most of the time you see the highlight reel…… we STRUGGLE TOO! So far from perfect guys!

We committed 21 days ago to the Ultimate Reset program. I specifically put 80+ people into a group to watch me so I wouldn’t FAIL this time. I went LIVE and was honest with ALL of YOU! I had started an stopped SO many things over the past 7 months, I could NOT let that happen again!!!

We stuck with it and are SO THANKFUL for your support! I am down 16 pounds and Nick is down 20.5 pounds! We are FINALLY feeling like we are getting back to ourselves again! NO acid reflux, no more bloat, no cravings, tons of energy and more importantly – this program has retrained my brain to think of food as FUEL instead of as a coping mechanism.

I am not where I want to be yet but getting there ONE DAY AT A TIME! I am moving into another 21 day program so I can lose 10 more pounds and start to really tone up. It will consist of a daily 30 minute workout and I’ll be incorporating a lot of the meal plans from this program into it because they were SO GOOD!

I’m looking for 5 people who are sick of feeling like sh*t!! If that’s YOU and you are finally ready to make a change and do it the RIGHT way, then fill out the form below Β or send me a message so I can reserve a spot for you and give you more details!!!

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