No hate, just love

No Hate, Just Love

My Dad and I  were listening to a Chalene Johnson periscope the other day and what she was talking about really hit home to us and I’m sure it will for a lot of you as well!

She was talking about how easy it can be to get wrapped up and sucked in to if others mistreat you, or if people say or do cruel things to you. How it’s so challenging, because your initial reaction is to respond back in that same negative way…… as a defense. But that’s no way to live right?!

You can get so wrapped up in it and feel you need to defend yourself or even say things you might not mean back to them. I know I’ve been guilty of it in the past. It’s not easy to block that stuff out. But it can really destroy you inside if you live like that and it can add so much unnecessary stress!

So if there is someone in your life who has mistreated you, refuse to suffer. LOVE them, be kind, show compassion, exercise patience and most of all LET IT GO. It really is a test of your strength and with this you will feel so much better! No more adding fuel to the fire….rise above it. heart emoticon

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