Shaun T’s New Transform 20 – 6 Week / 20 Minute Program is almost here!! Step-based training with simple & easy nutrition! Get into my private VIP Group!

Transform 20 with Shaun T is almost here!

Shaun T is one of the most influential fitness personalities on the PLANET and his last program was released YEARS ago!

That’s why I’m SO excited that starting off 2019 right, Shaun T is releasing a brand-new 6 week program called Transform 20! 

Check out this video above!

When is Transform 20 with Shaun T releasing?

Transform 20 is coming to Beachbody On Demand April 1, 2019. But my VIP Early Access kicks off on January 14th, with options to get in starting in early December!

Transform 20 High Level Details:

  • 20 minutes a day / 6 days a week
  • NO repeat workouts! Every day is a brand-new video
  • Routines designed to help you scorch fat, tone your abs, legs, upper body, and glutes
  • Weekly Motivations From Shaun T and challenges built into each workout.
  • Free access to my online support group to help you get the results you want!
  • The only equipment needed is some space and The Step!
  • Modifier option will be available
  • Easy to follow meal plan based on the 2B Mindset

Check out just a few of these insane Transform 20 results pictures! 


Want to learn more about Transform 20?

Fill out the VIP group application below and let’s chat! I can’t wait to get this program started in 2019 and feel AMAZING!



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