Spread Love & Joy Today!

Hey Everyone! Happy TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

Today is Tuesday, and back when I was a teacher, I used to always say TERRIFIC TUESDAY to my students. That little bit of positivity set the stage for the day in my classroom.  It starts your day off awesome if you start thinking about things in a positive way.

So, we were going for our walk this morning in South Carolina. As we were walking we passed by a house and a women was outside working in her yard. As I walked by I said, “Good Morning!”, and what she said next surprised me. She said, “Oh, wow! I haven’t heard that in a while!”.

I thought, wow, that’s kind of sad. When we go to a grocery store, or into Target, or anywhere, our kids are always smiling at people, saying HELLO, waving at everyone and making eye contact and being super friendly. Somehow as we get older we get away from that – we look away, avoid eye contact, don’t say Hello. And I just think that is not the way to live!

We should be approaching people with happiness and joy. Be the first person to look at someone and say “Hey! Good morning! Have a great day!”. Things don’t have to be going perfect – nobody lives a perfect life! – actually this morning Landon was having a little fit on our walk because he wanted to get out of the stroller and walk and we told him he had to wait until we came to the side road because we were on the main road.

Things happen, but that doesn’t mean you should be a grump! Just go back to those ways when you were little, when you didn’t have that scared filter, and that filter that avoids people. Be that person that spreads some joy and happiness. You never know what someone else is facing. Sometimes that simple “Hi, have a great day!” can make such a difference

So go out, spread some love, and I hope you all have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!


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