Ultimate Reset – Detox Program, Week #1 Recap (Video)

Just wanted to spend a few minutes talking about my experiences during my first week with the Beachbody program – The Ultimate Reset.

What Is the Ultimate Reset?

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day Detox. It’s designed to bring your body back to it’s most natural state – clearing out all the toxins and chemicals that we ingest and expose ourselves to every day in our food and environment. During this 21 days, you eat completely clean – no refined sugar products at all, no caffeine.

Why do the Ultimate Reset?

What triggered me to do this was returning from Cancun (from the 2015 Beachbody Success Club Trip). My diet had fallen off track with the eating and drinking on the trip. When I got back home, I had a hard time getting back on track. I kept slipping up with my diet. At this point, another coach in my team messaged me about the Ultimate Reset. I had heard of the program before, but I was nervous to do this. I was thinking, will I be able to stick with this for 21 days? 100% clean eating? I’ve been strict on diet plans before, but not as strict as this program is.

How do you Feel on the Ultimate Reset?

Things are going great so far! The first two days, I did have a slight headache as I eliminated coffee, and I was definitely drinking several cups a day before. But, by day 3 the headaches subsided and I woke up feeling awesome!

Do I still exercise on the Ultimate Reset?

Every day I have been able to get in some physical activity. Usually it’s been low key -a 4 – 5 mile walk with the kids in the stroller. I’ve also still had the energy to work late at night on my Beachbody business as I usually do – untill 12 or 1AM. I’m not tired and I feel great! Almost like I have caffeine in me (but I don’t!). My stomach feel so much better – no cramping or bloating at all. Especially from the lack of dairy foods (and I LOVE cheese!).

Do you lose weight on the Ultimate Reset?

So, as of Day #9, I have lost around 6 pounds so far! My goal was definitely to lose some weight and I’m really happy with the progress.

What are the meals like on the Ultimate Reset?

Week #1 of the Ultimate Reset is the Reclaim phase. This first week is all about preparing your body for change and slowly removing red meat and dairy from the diet. I followed it pretty much to a T. There were a few ingredients I couldn’t find in the grocery store but I either excluded them or ate something different. My favorite meals in the first week were the Southwestern Veggie Tacos, and the Blueberries & Maple Oatmeal. The kids also got to try all kinds of new foods which was great, like toasted pumpkin seeds and other recipes.

Who should do the Ultimate Reset?

Anyone looking to reset their body. Seriously, it takes commitment to the meals and the first few days are tough, but I am on Day #9 and I feel AMAZING. My cravings have COMPLETELY gone away. I haven’t drank alcohol on this at all and am not craving it. I went to my godchild’s first communion party and I was honestly dreading it before going. Lots of alcohol, food, cake, cupcakes, candy, pizza. So easy to socialize and pick on that stuff, but I sat in front of all of it and I didn’t even want any of it, because I know how I feel when eating that kind of stuff. I think my taste buds have changed, to the point where I’m actually craving rice &  beans. The soups are awesome! There is zucchini and cashew soup, and sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque.

So that’s my update for week #1! I will make another video at the end of week #2!

If you want to try the Ultimate Reset, make sure you contact me and I can help get you in an online accountability group! This program is strict and demanding but the results (so far!) are amazing. But having accountability will really help, so get in touch and we can talk about your goals!




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