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I’m so excited to share we are having another baby!

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OMG YOU GUYS! I’m SO EXCITED to be able to FINALLLLLYYYYY share the wonderful news with you all!

We’re having our little MIRACLE BABY 👶, due on August 4th!

I can’t tell you how hard we prayed 🙏for this baby!

After a YEAR of trying and having 3 back to back miscarriages, I was feeling pretty defeated. But we just kept the faith and kept praying and KNEW it would happen when the time was right!

I’ll never forget when the kids knelt down at LaSallette Shrine when we were traveling home to Attleboro on the night of Thanksgiving. They lit a candle, knelt down and closed their eyes and said a prayer. 🙏 When I asked what they prayed for Landon said:

“I prayed God would give us a baby Mom”

landon and kiersten praying

lighting a candle to pray

My heart totally melted, but I just had a GOOD feeling about it & a week later I got a positive pregnancy test! 🙏 God is SO GOOD!

We can’t wait to meet our newest addition! ❤️ We are all OVER THE MOON EXCITED, especially the kids! Check out the video above to see them finding out about our new upcoming addition!

Little baby Reuter we can’t wait to meet you! You’re already SO LOVED!

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