22 Minute Hard Corps Resistance 1 Review

22 Minute Hard Corps – Day #2 – Resistance 1

22 Minute Hard Corps – Resistance 1 Overview

  • Trainer: Tony Horton
  • Resistance 1 Duration: 22 minutes! There is a COLD START which adds on ~10 minutes if you need to warm up first. If you do everything, we are talking about 32 minutes.
  • Resistance 1 Goals: This is a weight training routine. It consists of 5 moves set to a cadence (except for pullups, which are at your own pace). This combines upper body, lower body, and core resistance training .
  • Resistance 1 Required Equipment: A mat is nice to have but not necessary. You definitely need SOME weights, anywhere from 5 – 20 pounds. The Sandbag works great for this, but free weights are fine also. Also, you need a pull-up bar or a band and door attachment for hte pull up moves. My husband actually built a pull-up bar for around $20 in our basement using some 1″ pipe from home depot!

22 Minute Hard Corps – Resistance 1 Moves

Some notes -Tony delivers this in under 22 minutes. It’s three rounds of five moves, with varying repetitions (reps). Some go up and some go down.

  1. Push Ups – Simple – push ups! These are a little harder than normal because they go with the cadence so the pace is slower. I was on my knees about halfway through.
  2. Squat Press-I used 2 – 5 pound weights and Nick used the 20 pound sandbag. You hold your weights at your shoulders, squat and on the upward movement do a shoulder press. The last round of this is 25 reps so your shoulders are on FIRE.22 Minute Squat Press
  3. Pull Ups – Decreasing each of the three rounds from 15 – 12 – 8. A typical pull up with arms slightly wider than shoulders. I used the BLUE resistance band for these.
  4. Chopper Lunge – This is a reverse lunge with a weight. I used a single 10 pound weight and Nick used the sandbag. As you reverse lunge; “row” the weight to the side where your knee is forward.22 Minute Hard Corps Chopper Lunge
  5. Sit Up Punch – A sit-up with a double punch at the top. These move quick so you don’t have time to go all the way down which I found makes it MUCH more intense on your abs.
  6. BONUS Round! Quick feet / burpee / push up – This is 9 repetitions of quick feet (on your  toes running), followed by a drop to a burpee and pushups. They are paced differently so some of the UP / DOWN calls went quick and others were slower but it definitely served to finish this workout!Bonus Round

22 Minute Hard Corps – Resistance 1 Day #2 Review & Thoughts:  

Just like yesterday, I was thinking how much am I POSSIBLY going to get in on this workout in just 22 minutes with just a handful of moves?

Well, also like yesterday, I finished this workout sweating! The 22 minutes is short, but they move FAST, and even though it is a resistance routine the reps are fairly high (up to 20 / 25 reps for some moves) with little to no break in between so you end up working hard.

The hardest move for me is still pull-ups. I used a blue band for these. My husband did the workout along with me and he used the pull up bar. I WILL get stronger over time! Also, we have the pull-up assist band, which is awesome, but I haven’t quite graduated to that yet.

For weights, my husband used the Beachbody Sandbag that came with our Deluxe kit and he filled it with 20 pounds of sand. The bag can fit up to around 22.5 pounds in it, but he was definitely getting an intense workout with it at the 20 pound weight.

The bonus round is ~HARD~!! Fast feet where you drop and do pushups, nine times. By the ninth time I could barely stand up again!

Some other thoughts about Resistance 1 –

  • Just like Cardio 1, the cadenced pace of this program and set number of reps is really what makes it challenging. You can’t slow down when you are tired as you need to KEEP UP with the reps.
  • Again, today’s moves were LOW impact moves, so you won’t destroy your joints.
  • This workout was set at nightime, looks like the same set as Cardio 1, although that work out was during the day. Also, instead of the vets doing everything together, they ran it as a circuit, so while one group was in front of the camera doing pull-ups, other groups were in the background doing other moves on a rotation.

Lots of fun today and BANG done in just 22 minutes! We are a little late but will do pictures and measurements soon so we can track our progress throughout the 8 weeks!

22 Minute Hard Corps Day #1 Meals: 

What I ate today!

  • Breakfast – Mocha Cafe Latte Shakeology w/ chilled coffee, almond milk, 1 tsp PB, and 1 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • Snack – 1/2 Banana
  • Lunch – Salad with tuna, balsamic, tomato, cucumber
  • Snack – Mashed avocado with sea salt
  • Dinner – Grilled chicken & veggie stir-fry

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