Core De Force Day #1 Review: MMA Speed

Core De Force – MMA Speed – Details

  • Trainers: Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews
  • MMA Speed Duration: About 27 minutes. This is is a quick workout!
  • MMA Speed Goals: This is the fundamental workout from Core De Force. It includes several knee and punch movements along with some plyometric “spike” moves.
  • MMA Speed Required Equipment: Nothing!

MMA Speed Moves

This workout consists of a warmup; followed by six three-minute rounds.

Each round is comprised of a 60 second MMA move, followed by a 30 second “SPIKE” (a move that gets your heart rate going FAST), then you repeat it again. There is a short break, then you go to the next round!  It definitely gives you a little of that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) feel, where you heart rate is rising and falling throughout the workout.

Round #1

  • core de force mma speed - jab cross roll back roll forwardMMAJab, Cross, Roll Back, Roll Forward – simple, with your dominant leg forward, it’s a jab with your front arm, a cross punch, and then you roll back (crouch and twist) and roll forward. This gets much more difficult if you go deep in your roll and really work that rotation.
  • SpikeHigh Knee Jump Rope – High Knees, try to get them parallel to the ground. The faster you go the harder it is. Add in a jump rope motion with your arms.

Round #2

  • core de force mma speed - rear knee switch knee MMARear Knee Switch Knee– Again – with your dominant leg forward, you bring you up your rear knee. It helps if you lean back during this to really get the most out of the motion. Then; you jump switch on the ground and knee with your opposite knee. That switch was a little tricky for me (HAHA) – if you need help they have a great Learning the Moves part of the DVD so you can practice.
  • SpikeUp Down Jab Cross – It’s just a jab cross, then crouch and jab cross lower. So the first move as if you are punching someone in the head, and the second move into the chest. Remember to rotate!

Round #3

  • core de force mma speed - cross hook rear knee switch kneeMMACross, Hook, Rear Knee, Switch Knee – These moves start to get a little more complex now and add in some of the previous moves. You do a cross, then a hook, a rear knee, switch and other knee. Sweat is really heavy at this point.
  • SpikeUp Down Hooks – Same as the Round #2 spike; but instead of jabs this one is a hook, which induces more rotation in your core. Jericho reminds you during this move to come back to your fighter stance after each hook so you don’t just look like you are flailing around 🙂

Round #4

  • core de force mma speed - front uppercut rear uppercut hook roll forward roll backMMAFront Uppercut, Rear Uppercut, Hook, Roll Front, Roll Back – yet more moves combined 🙂 This one starts with a front uppercut, then a rear uppercut, a hook from the opposite hand, and then a roll in both directions. The uppercuts give you even more rotation. I could actually feel this part working in my upper back.
  • SpikeRotating Uppercuts – This is just a fast uppercut. You can make this move harder by going lower in your squat and also really pretending to punch up into something. Speed also helps intensify this.

Round #5

  • core de force mma speed cross hook right knee double jab crossMMACross, Hook, Right Knee, Double Jab, Cross – The first three moves we have already done, but the double jab is a new move that introduces forward movement. During the double jab you “shuffle” forward while punching twice, then cross, after you shuffle back to reset to your positon before going again.
  • SpikeRoll Jumps – Roll and jump, roll and jump, roll and jump. Keep doing it. 🙂 My quads were on FIRE at this point. Do your best!

Round #6

  • core de force mma speed - rear uppercut hook cross switch kneeMMARear Uppercut, Hook, Cross, Switch Knee – This is the move you can see me doing in the video above. Fun!
  • SpikeGround to Figher Stance  – Basically a sprawl, you drop down to your chest and pop back up again to fighter stance. Also in the video above!

Then, a cooldown! Yay! You made it 🙂

MMA Speed Review & Thoughts:  

Fun! I had the chance to work out with Joel and Jericho four times over the past year – twice at Leadership events in Coronado, California, at the Coach Summit in Nashville this past year, and on the Success Club Cruise trip we went on last March. They are really amazing to workout live to, and I was really happy to say that their performance in Core De Force is also awesome! They are very motivating and really keep you pushing yourself, and the music and choreography is great.

As expected, nearly every move features a core move and rotation in you midsection. I found this to be much more challenging if I really focused on my core and did the rotation deliberately.

By the time the 27 minutes was up, my husband and I were both dripping sweat, and feeling awesome 🙂

I’m really excited about the next 30 days as I progress through this program. I am going to be giving it my ALL and the results speak for themselves, so follow my journey here and on Facebook/ Instagram as I work through the program!

Core De Force Meals: 

What I ate today! (you can view my entire Week #1 Meal Plan and Grocery List here!)

  • Breakfast -Chocolate Shakeology w/ chilled coffee, 1/2 a banana, 2 Tsp peanut butter
  • Snack – Apple
  • Lunch – Chicken Lettuce Wrap with Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Snack – 12 Almonds
  • Dinner – Grilled Tilapia, Kale Chips, and Sweet Potato
  • Evening Snack – 1% yogurt with strawberries

Have any questions for me about this program? Post ’em in the comments or shoot me an email!

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