Core De Force, MMA Program – Progress & Result Pictures from the Test Group!

I have a tendency to say this with most program releases, but I am REALLY excited about Core De Force, the new mixed-martial arts (MMA) workout program coming out on November 1st.

In the past year, I have had the opportunity to work out with Beachbody’s newest supertrainers, Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews, three times! Once at Leadership in Coronado, California last year; on the Success Club Cruise this past March, and then again this past summer at Coach Summit in Nashville. Their workouts are really amazing. They feature amazing timing and I was completely wiped out by the time they are done.

So I’m really excited about this core-focused MMA program. I wrote another blog post with some details about the program, so I won’t go into that again, but the Test Group just finished up and the results have been shared and they are AWESOME! Most people lost anywhere from 8 – 12 pounds, with some losing even more, in just 30 days.

I know my husband Nick and I are going ot go full on in this program when it releases. Our team’s test group will be starting up on Monday, November 7th, so if you’d like to join us and get your own results, hop in!

Core De Force MMA Program Results Photos


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