Country Heat with Autumn Calabrese

Country Heat – Country Music Fitness with Autumn Calabrese, Coming This Summer!

While on the S.S. Beachbody Success Club Trip last week, CEO Carl Daikeler introduced a new program coming out this summer that I am SUPER EXCITED about!

The new program is called Country Heat and is a country music based fitness program that involves dancing and is created by the 21 Day Fix creator Autumn Calabrese.

Here are some common questions about this new program!

What is Country Heat all about?

Now you can fire up your metabolism, burn calories, and melt away unwanted pounds while you have fun dancing to the hottest country music around. Each Country Heat workout is 30 minutes of exhilarating, low-impact movement to melt off the weight and reshape your body-toning and tightening your shoulders, arms, legs, and booty.

Autumn Calabrese makes it fun and easy to start getting fit. No complicated moves-just follow along and you’ll be right in step from Day One. And since every move is set to the hottest popular country music out there, you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice that you’re toning your body and scorching the fat! Plus, it comes with an easy-to-follow portion control nutrition plan to maximize your results.

Country Heat with Autumn Calabrese

How long is Country Heat?

Country heat is a 4 week long program, and the workouts are 30 minutes long. So, slightly longer than the 21 Day Fix.

When is Country Heat with Autumn Calabrese available?

Country Heat will launch at Summit 2016, which is July 28th – 31st, 2016.

Does Country Heat come with a Meal Plan?

You bet! Autumn’s container / portion fix has been so succesful it has been included in this program also!

How much does Country Heat Cost and what does it come with?

Still TBD. When the details are released I will share them here, and make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get the most up to date info!

Interested in learning more about Country Heat?

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