Master’s Hammer & Chisel – Day #1 – Chisel Balance Review

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Today was Day #1 of Master’s Hammer and Chisel here in our household! I have been SO EXCITED for this program ever since I first heard about it this past summer in Nashville at the Coach Summit!

I’m so excited about this program. It is based on the SSP (Stabilization, Strength and Power). I feel like this program is sort of midway between P90X and the Body Beast programs. Some cardio, but weights almost daily, with a goal of balance, core strength, and power.

Here is my original post with details on this program! 

Chisel Balance – Details

  • Trainer: Autumn Calabrese
  • Hammer Plyometrics Duration: ~40 minutes. There are SOME breaks in between but you will be left sweaty!
  • Hammer Plyometrics Goals: Core strength, legs & balance
  • Hammer Plyo Required Equipment: Bench, Pull up Bar, 10 – 20 lb weight / dumbbell

Chisel Balance Moves

Some notes – All moves are 15 reps. You do each move TWICE, then move to the next one!

  1. 1 Leg Squat Sit – This one is FUN, and you make it hard by really controlling your speed. I used a 10 lb weight, and you basically stand on one leg and then drop to the seated position on the bench, and then stand up again, all on that one leg. Controlling the DOWN is important and what makes this tough.1 leg squat sit chisel balance
  2. 1 Leg Bridge Pullover – A combination lat / core move. You are on your back with your shoulders & feet on the ground, and in a bridge position (legs up). You do a pullover with the weights from back to front.1 leg bridge pullover _ chisel balance
  3. 1 Leg Squat Deadlift – The move in my video above! You hold a weight in your left hand and balance on your right foot. Move your left foot backwards and reach for the floor with a squat. Booty BURNER!
  4. Up – Down – Sort of like a Plank to Sphinx, except it’s a plank to plank using a bench. So you just go up & down!
  5. Split Squat Jump – Definitely the hardest move (For me) of the workout. You put one foot on the bench and the other in front of you. Leaning forward, you plyo jump UP and pull that forward knee into your chest. It kind of looks like a horse bucking up, haha. I could only do 10 before I had to take a break. No weights.

    Split Squat Jump Chisel Balance
    Like a prancing horse 🙂
  6. Renegade Row Leg Lift – This is a basic one-arm row move where your hands are on the bench. The difference is as you row, you lift your opposite leg at the same time. This gives you some more in that gluteous maximus.renegade row leg chisel balance
  7. 1 Arm Press Bridge – This is a bench press, but only 1 arm at a time. At the same time as you press, the opposite knee comes up. Try to keep your body flat. I did this on a ball and it’s nearly impossible to balance. This is THE move that made me decide I really should pick up a bench.1 arm press bridge chisel balance
  8. Balance Row Pistol Squat – Another 1 leg squat move. This one, you start leaning forward and do a row with 1 foot behind you, then you move your leg forward (pistol position) and do a squat.pistol squat chisel balance

Chisel Balance Review: 

Some tough moves. The balance and core, as Autumn describes, is critical for getting chiseled. Every move on here except for Up – Down does its reps focused on just ONE side. My legs and sides were on FIRE a few hours after I finished this workout – a good indicator I was using muscles I haven’t touched in a while.

I would definitely recommend a bench. We are still using a ball, and we have 5 – 52.5 Bowflex Selectech dumbells, but a bench would really be a good investment. We are planning on getting one after the holiday season is over.

The hardest move, IMO, was the Split Squat Jump.

I also did my before photos & measurements today. I will be sharing them as I progress through the program!

Hammer and Chisel Meals: 

As today was Day #1 – I also started the Hammer & Chisel Meal Plan. I’m plannign on following this EXACTLY for the entire program, with the exception of Christmas dinner & my birthday, where I will have a few cheats. I am REALLY Excited to be recommiting to the portion control containers and the meal plan as my diet has NOT been so great the past few weeks.

  • Breakfast – Chocolate Vegan Shakeology & Peanut Butter
  • Snack – 1 Hard Boiled Egg
  • Lunch – Salad with Hummus, Tuna, Balsamic Vinegar & Tomato
  • Snack – Oatmeal with Blueberries
  • Dinner – FIXATE Beef Stew
  • Evening Snack – Fruit, 1 Hard Boiled Egg

Day #2 tomorrow! See you there!

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